Skee 64 - The Karma Edition

Skee 64 – The Karma Edition

April 11, 2006

Download music album The Karma Edition by Skee 64, released on April 11, 2006. ℗ Hot One Recordz

Skee 64 - The Karma Edition

1 Skee 64, Flowmaticc Intro 01:10
2 Skee 64 West Is In The House 03:45
3 Skee 64, Backs, LB F#ck A Dress Code 03:24
4 Skee 64 Ball Out 04:18
5 Skee 64, Jazzy, Lameeze, Mr. Immaculate Hot One’z 03:38
6 Skee 64, The Game Gangsta Sh%t Skit 01:15
7 Skee 64 Gangsta Sh%t 03:46
8 Skee 64, Lameeze, Mr. Immaculate Boss Up 04:00
9 Skee 64, Jim Jones Skit 01:12
10 Skee 64, Jim Jones, Kritikal No Time For Practice 04:31
11 Skee 64, Lil’ Quay, Marvless, Sabrina Parks You Got THe Bomb 04:36
12 Skee 64, Mr. Immaculate, Yukmouth Block Bendaz 04:06
13 Skee 64, Bigg Mann How She Wanna Do Me 03:04
14 Skee 64, I-Rocc, Cavio Who Wanna F#ck With Us? 04:06
15 Skee 64, Mr. Immaculate, Young Droop Northern California 04:59
16 Skee 64, Flowmaticc Outro 01:16

Album info

In 2006, a year before his untimely death, Sacramento-based rapper Skee 64, born Toby Rios, dropped his album “The Karma Edition” under Hot One Recordz. Infused with Thug Rap and Gangsta elements, the album provides a lens into the life of an artist on the brink of evolution. As one of his last major works, the album serves as both a showcase of his prowess and an unintentional farewell to his fans.

The “Intro,” featuring Flowmaticc, sets the thematic stage, revealing a darker, grittier undertone than his earlier works. The album launches into “West Is In The House,” a love letter to West Coast rap culture, followed by “F#ck A Dress Code,” a track featuring Backs and LB that challenges societal norms and takes a stab at conformism.

The song “Ball Out” paves the way for “Hot One’z,” featuring Jazzy, Lameeze, and Mr. Immaculate. The track is a hedonistic anthem that explores themes of excess, success, and the trappings that come with it. Then there’s a transition into “Gangsta Sh%t Skit,” featuring none other than The Game, setting the listener up for the more aggressive “Gangsta Sh%t.”

The album features a rich array of collaborations. Notable tracks include “Boss Up,” a bravado-filled anthem with features from Lameeze and Mr. Immaculate; and “No Time For Practice,” a fast-paced collaboration with Jim Jones and Kritikal that underscores the urgency of life in the rap game. The highly sensual “You Got The Bomb” features Lil’ Quay, Marvless, and Sabrina Parks, produced by DJ Darkness, and serves as an intimate detour.

On the production front, Flowmaticc takes the reins for a majority of the tracks, while Maxamillion also contributes to the album’s sonic landscape. The diversity of producers adds a variety of textures, creating a complex auditory journey. A shout-out to Complex, the producer behind the tracks “Who Wanna F#ck With Us?” featuring I-Rocc and Cavio, and the “Outro,” which also features Flowmaticc.

“Northern California,” featuring Mr. Immaculate and Young Droop, is a localized anthem that stands as a tribute to Skee 64’s roots. It’s a fitting penultimate track, encapsulating the essence of his persona and his loyalties. The album concludes with an “Outro” that reiterates its original vibe, sealing off a project that is fraught with contemplation, defiance, and untamed energy.

Mixed and mastered by Keez, and with design by, the album bears the executive touch of Bigg Craze. All the tracks were recorded, mixed, and mastered at Hot One Recordz Recording Studio, ensuring a cohesive sonic experience.

“The Karma Edition” serves as a fitting memorial for Skee 64, capturing his raw talent, the stories he wanted to tell, and the stylistic breadth he had developed over his career. It’s a crucial slice of late-period West Coast rap, providing an intimate look into the soul of an artist who was complex, contradictory, and, above all, human. As a parting gift, Skee 64 left his fans with an album that is as enduring as it is poignant.

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