Silas - Aka Smigg Dirtee

Silas – Aka Smigg Dirtee

July 16, 2002

Download music album Aka Smigg Dirtee by Silas, released on July 16, 2002. ℗ One 4 Us Ent. / Aba Muzik

Silas - Aka Smigg Dirtee

1 Silas, C.Gigolo, I-Rocc, Luni Coleone Tha Jump Off 03:14
2 Silas When Animalz Attakk 03:52
3 Silas, Devious, Mad Dog Heaterz 02:47
4 Silas Its Alrite 02:25
5 Silas Wut U Been Told 03:42
6 Silas Here We Go 03:36
7 Silas, T-Nutty Blocc S**T 03:27
8 Silas, Steezo Why They Wanna Hate On Me 03:34
9 Silas, C.Gigolo Getting Money (Wit You) 03:36
10 Silas, Luni Coleone All About My Richez 04:01
11 Silas, 100% 100% Dirtee 02:48
12 Silas Dirtee Dancer 04:14
13 Silas Smigg Dirtee 03:29
14 Silas 4 Da Music 04:29
15 Silas Big Screen Tvs, Blunts, 40s And B*$chez 03:43
16 Silas, C.Gigolo, Mad Dog, Young Fierce So Curious 04:19
17 Silas, B-Legit Makes Me Wanna Holla 03:00
18 Silas, Sic Related Individualz Money Over B**chez 03:37
19 Silas, C.Gigolo This Iz It (Uh) 03:24
20 Silas, C.Gigolo, Devious, Mad Dog, Nefew, T-Nutty They Can’t Bust Like Us 04:50
21 Silas Love And Life 01:49

Album info

Released on July 16, 2002, under the labels One 4 Us Ent. and Aba Muzik, “Silas – Aka Smigg Dirtee” is a potent statement of gangsta and thug rap, rooted deeply in the hip-hop ethos of San Diego, California. With a runtime that generously spans 21 tracks, the album is an immersive experience that showcases Silas Pollard’s multiple facets as a rapper, going by the aliases Silas, Smiggz, and Smigg Dirtee.

The opening track “Tha Jump Off” featuring C.Gigolo, I-Rocc, and Luni Coleone sets the tone for the album—intense, raw, and confrontational. It becomes clear that Smigg Dirtee’s verses don’t mince words as the album rolls into the self-produced “When Animalz Attakk” and the gripping “Heaterz,” which features Devious and Mad Dog.

What adds a unique character to this album is its diversified production. While the majority of the album is produced by One 4 Us, individual tracks see the production stylings of Big Hollis, Pale Soul, and Smigg Dirtee himself. This blend creates an interesting dynamic, where traditional gangsta rap vibes meet more experimental beats and samples.

Tracks like “Blocc S**T” featuring T-Nutty and “Why They Wanna Hate On Me” featuring Steezo examine the complex dynamics of street life, from gang politics to the struggles with systemic prejudices. On the other hand, “All About My Richez” featuring Luni Coleone taps into ambitions and the hustle required to reach them.

But it’s not all about the grind and the grit; there’s a softer, reflective side to Smigg Dirtee, too. “Love and Life,” the final track, serves as a counterpoint to the album’s more aggressive pieces, offering a glimpse into the rapper’s more introspective thoughts.

Executive produced by Ike Abella and Silas Pollard, “Silas – Aka Smigg Dirtee” doesn’t just aim for shock value or street cred—it aims for legacy. Each track serves as a chapter in the complex narrative that is Smigg Dirtee’s life and career. Whether he’s getting introspective or outright confrontational, his authenticity shines through, making this album a must-listen for anyone keen on exploring the depths of West Coast gangsta rap at the turn of the millennium.

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