Rup Dog - Catch 22

Rup Dog – Catch 22

January 1, 1999

Download music album Catch 22 by Rup Dog, released in 1999. ℗ Realizum Records

Rup Dog - Catch 22

1 Rup Dog Intro 00:36
2 Rup Dog Move The Crowd 04:06
3 Rup Dog Get N Paid 04:36
4 Rup Dog Bonified Hustler 04:13
5 Rup Dog Catch 22 04:54
6 Rup Dog One Thang Or Anatha 04:30
7 Rup Dog Down & Ditty 04:53
8 Rup Dog Real Ass Nigga 04:20
9 Rup Dog High Din A Mutha Fu@#A 05:19
10 Rup Dog Chopped It 04:00
11 Rup Dog Survive Or Die 04:35
12 Rup Dog No Felonies 04:21
13 Rup Dog World On My Shouldaz 04:31
14 Rup Dog Do What I Gotta Do 04:49
15 Rup Dog Look How They Do Me 04:55
16 Rup Dog Turf Soldier 04:22
17 Rup Dog All I Been Thru 04:08

Album info

“Catch 22,” a potent hip-hop album from Rup Dog, was released in 1999 under the label Realizum Records. The album boasts an unmistakable G-Funk style, reflecting the gritty urban reality of late ’90s hip-hop culture. As a US-based artist, Rup Dog, whose real name is Rupert Carter, demonstrates a powerful voice from the streets of Sacramento, California.

The album kicks off with “Intro,” setting the stage for a hard-hitting hip-hop narrative. With tracks like “Move The Crowd” and “Get N Paid,” the album quickly establishes a strong, relentless rhythm that pervades throughout the record. “Bonified Hustler” and the title track “Catch 22” encapsulate Rup Dog’s gritty storytelling and intense delivery.

Further into the album, “One Thang Or Anatha” and “Down & Ditty” continue the momentum with captivating beats and thought-provoking lyrics. “Real Ass Nigga” and “High Din A Mutha Fu@#A” present a brutally honest picture of life on the streets.

“Survive Or Die,” “No Felonies,” and “World On My Shouldaz” bring forth the struggle and resilience inherent in urban narratives. Towards the end of the album, “Do What I Gotta Do,” “Look How They Do Me,” “Turf Soldier,” and “All I Been Thru” provide a fitting culmination to Rup Dog’s hard-hitting narrative.

The album is enriched with notable features from artists such as Keak Da Sneak, Melle Mell, Sly G, Bee-gee, Ty Dubb, and more, adding layers of depth and diversity to the project.

As a hip-hop artist, Rup Dog successfully embodies the struggle, resilience, and fierce determination inherent in the genre’s roots. With “Catch 22,” he offers an unfiltered view of life in the streets, brought to life by the pulsating beats of G-Funk, the soulful rhythms of hip-hop, and the gritty authenticity of his lyrical prowess. This album stands as a remarkable testament to Rup Dog’s raw talent and an indelible contribution to late 90s hip-hop.