Mr. Doctor - Bombay

Mr. Doctor – Bombay

January 1, 1999

Download music album Bombay by Mr. Doctor, released on January 1, 1999. ℗ Black Market Records

Mr. Doctor - Bombay

1 Mr. Doctor Bombay 01:43
2 Mr. Doctor You & I Know 04:17
3 Mr. Doctor Recruitin’ 04:07
4 Mr. Doctor What Ya Wanna Do (Somethin’ Ya Odysea) 03:38
5 Mr. Doctor Gorilla Pimpin’ 04:40
6 Mr. Doctor Total Lockdown 03:47
7 Mr. Doctor Here But I’m Gone 05:03
8 Mr. Doctor Mixx & Company 00:42
9 Mr. Doctor Tha Real In My Life 03:15
10 Mr. Doctor To Vegas 00:26
11 Mr. Doctor Anybody 04:40
12 Mr. Doctor The Way I Loc 04:43
13 Mr. Doctor The Heat 04:03
14 Mr. Doctor Joyride 04:41
15 Mr. Doctor Send Me An Angel 04:39
16 Mr. Doctor Live Then We Live 04:45
17 Mr. Doctor World Keeps Spinnin’ 03:52
18 Mr. Doctor Untitled 04:31

Album info

“Bombay,” a critically-acclaimed album by Mr. Doctor, was released in 1999 under Black Market Records, a significant name in the Gangsta Hip Hop genre. This album exhibits Mr. Doctor’s adept lyricism and deep understanding of the Gangsta style, with his thought-provoking lyrics and strong storytelling aspects.

The album starts with the title track, “Bombay,” setting an intriguing and captivating tone for the rest of the album. The following track, “You & I Know,” carries this momentum forward with its powerful lyrics and gripping melody. “Recruitin'” adds to the compelling narrative that Mr. Doctor is building, followed by “What Ya Wanna Do (Somethin’ Ya Odysea)” with its memorable rhythm and lyricism.

“Gorilla Pimpin’,” written by Delemond, Dat Nigga Daz, Nate Dogg, and Snoop Doggy Dogg, adds a fresh perspective to the album with its intricate wordplay and deep insights. “Total Lockdown” and “Here But I’m Gone” maintain the album’s high energy and engaging storytelling.

“Mixx & Company” serves as an interlude, leading into “Tha Real In My Life” and “To Vegas,” which explore diverse aspects of the artist’s life and thoughts. The tracks “Anybody,” “The Way I Loc,” “The Heat,” and “Joyride” are excellent representations of Mr. Doctor’s stylistic versatility and his capability to tackle different thematic content.

“Send Me An Angel” and “Live Then We Live” provide thought-provoking messages, followed by “World Keeps Spinnin’,” a track that delivers a profound commentary on life’s realities. The album closes with an untitled track, leaving listeners with a lingering impression of the artist’s ingenuity.

Black Market Records, holding the record company and manufacturing rights, played an instrumental role in the creation and release of this album. The execution of the album by executive producer Cedric Singleton and the management and cover concept by Jeff Keller further contributed to the coherence and impact of “Bombay.”

The artwork, aptly named “Odysea” & “Bombay” Art, created by Foe Loco, adds a unique visual layer to the album. Cedsing’s photography and layout designs further enhance the album’s visual appeal, matching the musical content’s intensity.

“Bombay” is a testament to Mr. Doctor’s creative prowess and his commitment to the Gangsta Hip Hop genre. This album takes listeners on a journey, painting vivid images of life’s complexities and challenges through its lyrics and melodies. It is indeed a significant addition to the Gangsta Hip Hop repertoire.

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