P.C.O. - Money Hungry

P.C.O. – Money Hungry

March 1, 2000

Download music album Money Hungry by P.C.O., released on February 29, 2000. ℗ Black Market Records

P.C.O. - Money Hungry

1 P.C.O. The Reale$t 04:13
2 P.C.O. We$t Coa$t Boa$t 04:08
3 P.C.O. Outta Jail 00:55
4 P.C.O. Money Hungry 05:13
5 P.C.O. Club Hoppin’ P.C.O Deep 00:56
6 P.C.O., Chopah, Mr. Doctor, Pook Bounce Shake 04:34
7 P.C.O. $exual Killin’ 04:58
8 P.C.O. Make Em Dance 04:51
9 P.C.O., Yukmouth Do You Want War 04:37
10 P.C.O. $i$ta Souljah ($kit) 00:09
11 P.C.O. Enemy Of The State 04:23
12 P.C.O. Do Or Die (Nsert) 00:24
13 P.C.O. Paranoia 05:23
14 P.C.O. Fallen Soldier$ 04:57
15 P.C.O. Who $urpre$$in’ Who 04:03
16 P.C.O. Greater Later 04:18
17 P.C.O. I$ You Wit It 04:54
18 P.C.O. Federal Offen$e 04:18
19 P.C.O. $ummertime 04:11

Album info

Released in the year 2000 by the label Black Market Records, “Money Hungry” is a fierce Hip Hop album from the Sacramento, CA gangsta rap group P.C.O., an acronym for Paper Chasin Organization. Featuring 19 tracks brimming with authenticity and grit, “Money Hungry” displays P.C.O.’s unique style that combines aggressive lyricism, catchy hooks, and an undeniably West Coast production aesthetic.

The album kicks off with the aptly titled track “The Reale$t”, which sets the tone for the rest of the album with its hard-hitting beats and impassioned delivery. The following track, “We$t Coa$t Boa$t,” showcases the group’s regional pride and their skillful blend of boastful lyrics and infectious melodies. “Outta Jail,” the third track, though shorter, continues the narrative, depicting their struggle and journey in a raw manner.

One of the standout tracks of the album is the title track, “Money Hungry,” with its smooth backing vocals from Zharue and a soulful beat produced by LoKei. It is an anthem for hustlers, expressing a relentless pursuit of wealth and success. The album continues with tracks like “Bounce Shake,” which features guest appearances from Chopah, Mr. Doctor, and Pook, and “Do You Want War,” a hard-edged track featuring famed rapper Yukmouth.

Songs like “Paranoia” and “Fallen Soldier$” provide a more introspective look into the darker realities of street life, displaying the group’s ability to tackle serious subject matter with lyrical prowess and emotional depth. The latter, featuring Zharue’s hauntingly beautiful backing vocals, stands out as a tribute to lost comrades.

“Money Hungry” is not just about the lyrics and the beats. The quality of the album’s production, mixing, and mastering, which took place at renowned studios like The Crackhouse, Crystal Clear Studio, Selective Frequencies, and Track Record, further elevate the project. The production work of K.G. and Lamont Blackshire permeates the album, imbuing it with an authentic West Coast vibe that still resonates more than two decades after its release.

The album cover, created by Phantom, captures the essence of the music, while the executive production of Cedric Singleton ensures a cohesive vision throughout the project. P.C.O., consisting of rappers CoCaine, K-Yel, Kronik Dogg, and Tee-Macc, deliver each line with conviction, making it clear that they are not only talented musicians but also masterful storytellers.

“Money Hungry” serves as a time capsule of a particular era in West Coast Hip Hop, providing a candid, unfiltered glimpse into the realities of life in Sacramento during the turn of the millennium. Its combination of hard-hitting beats, meaningful lyrics, and compelling storytelling cements “Money Hungry” as an important piece in the history of gangsta rap. Despite the years, the messages of the album resonate with listeners today, making it a classic in its genre.

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