OZ. - Ozone

OZ. – Ozone

January 1, 1999

Download music album Ozone by OZ., released in 1999. ℗ Extra Records

OZ. - Ozone

1 OZ. O-Zone 03:52
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2 OZ. In Tha M.O.B. 03:50
3 OZ. No Dollaz, No Colla 04:55
4 OZ. Small Things To A Giant 03:28
5 OZ. Hangin By A Thread 04:41
6 OZ. To Young Too Early 03:24
7 OZ. Iceburg 04:48
8 OZ. Don’t Wanna Fight (Let’s Get It On) 04:33
9 OZ. We Get’z Dumb 03:50
10 OZ. Fear No Money 03:51
11 OZ. Til It Ain’t No None 03:51
12 OZ. Born A Hustla 04:09
13 OZ. Po’ Child 04:51
14 OZ. Smoke On 03:23
15 OZ. Wanted 02:36
16 OZ. Markilla 03:19

Album info

“Ozone” is an engaging hip-hop album by the artist OZ, released under Extra Records in 1999. The album exemplifies the sound and style of late 90s West Coast hip hop, delivering a unique blend of gangsta rap that truly showcases the artist’s talents.

Opening with the title track “O-Zone”, the album sets an emphatic tone that carries through the remaining 15 tracks. The second track, “In Tha M.O.B.,” showcases OZ’s potent lyricism, seamlessly blending streetwise narratives with the gritty realities of life. “No Dollaz, No Colla,” the third track, carries this tone further, blending a catchy beat with hard-hitting lyrics.

The album continues with tracks such as “Small Things To A Giant”, “Hangin By A Thread”, and “To Young Too Early” each painting vivid pictures of urban life. The rhythmically captivating “Iceburg,” and “Don’t Wanna Fight (Let’s Get It On),” showcase OZ’s versatile flow, while “We Get’z Dumb,” and “Fear No Money” bring infectious energy. The album rounds out with tracks like “Po’ Child,” and “Smoke On,” which add depth and complexity to the album’s narrative, culminating with the final track, “Markilla.”

The production of the album is shared between K-Lou, Levitti, Oz himself, and Steve Dee, resulting in a distinct sound that remains consistent throughout the album. Their work complements OZ’s lyrical prowess and ensures that each track stands strong individually while also contributing to the cohesive whole.

The design of the album, by Got’z Mine Grapix, provides a fitting visual counterpart to the raw, uncompromising sound contained within. The copyright belongs to Extra Records, and the album was pressed by Americ Disc, ensuring a high-quality, durable product.

OZ’s “Ozone” stands as a notable contribution to the late 90s hip hop landscape, with its unique blend of storytelling, lyrical dexterity, and production finesse. As a testament to the talents of OZ, the album remains a significant part of his discography and an essential listen for any fan of West Coast hip hop.

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