O.Z. - O.Z.

O.Z. – O.Z.

June 10, 1997

Download music album O.Z. by O.Z., released on June 10, 1997. ℗ Extra Records

O.Z. - O.Z.

1 O.Z. OZ 04:13
2 O.Z., Mac Dre Who’s Down 04:26
3 O.Z. I Gotz Mine 03:44
4 O.Z. All I Really Want 04:38
5 O.Z., Alazae Cash Flow 04:00
6 O.Z., Game Related Runnin They Mouth 04:05
7 O.Z. Ride On Your Hood 03:56
8 O.Z. Verbal Warning 00:53
9 O.Z. Even If I’m Wrong 04:41
10 O.Z., Dubee Aka Sugawolf When Your Real 04:09
11 O.Z., Philliated Click Hood Attitude 04:39
12 O.Z. Be Ya Self 04:06
13 O.Z. Born A Hustla 04:08
14 O.Z., Mac Mall Recognize And Realize 04:04

Album info

“O.Z.,” the eponymous debut album by North Sacramento rapper O.Z., is an entrancing journey into the heart of late ’90s West Coast hip-hop. Released under Extra Records in 1997, the album masterfully blends the hard-hitting elements of gangsta rap with the laid-back, infectious rhythms of G-Funk.

The album kicks off with the track “OZ,” setting the tone with its catchy beat and the artist’s distinctive flow. This is followed by “Who’s Down,” featuring fellow Californian rapper Mac Dre, and a series of other tracks that feature collaborations with renowned artists such as Alazae, Game Related, Dubee Aka Sugawolf, and Philliated Click, thereby showcasing a broad spectrum of talent from the hip-hop community of the time.

The album’s notable tracks include “All I Really Want,” with its sultry backing vocals from Levitti, and “Cash Flow,” featuring Alazae. Each song brings something unique to the table, whether it’s the introspective lyrics on “When Your Real,” the aggressive energy of “Hood Attitude,” or the infectious rhythms of “Born A Hustla.”

The production of the album is handled by a variety of producers including Coolio The Unda Dog, G-Man Stan, Jamal Beaver, Levitti, S. Wright, and Stevie Wright. Each of these producers brings their unique style to the album, yet maintaining a cohesive sound that is distinctly O.Z.

The album artwork by Phunky Phat and photography by Keba Kante add an additional layer of authenticity to the overall presentation. “O.Z.” was engineered by a team that included Andre, G-Man Stan, and Johnny Z, with mastering by “Big Bass Brian” Garner, ensuring a polished, professional sound throughout.

As a member of the Philliated Click, O.Z.’s album represents a unique perspective on the urban experience, life in North Sacramento, and the realities of gangsta life, making “O.Z.” a critical piece in the West Coast hip-hop mosaic. The album is a testament to O.Z.’s talent as a rap artist, his distinct style, and his contribution to the hip-hop scene of the late ’90s.

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