Omina - Bust

Omina – Bust

Download music album Bust by Omina, released on September 30, 2008. ℗ Solsa Entertainment / Omina Laboratories

Omina - Bust

1 Tone Malone Gambla 00:18
2 B-Legit, Skurge, Turf Talk Smashmatic 03:19
3 Clyde Carson, Skurge, Ray Garcia Good Look 03:44
4 Doey Rock, Tone Malone I Won’t Hurt You 04:13
5 Blee, Chuck Taylor, Zion I Keep Move’n 03:58
6 Mistah Fab, Tone Malone On TV 04:27
7 Royalle Family All I Can Be 03:53
8 Bloe, Chase, Fiasco, J-Intell, Sam Phelps Bitches Like Rappers 07:04
9 B-Smoove, Jae Synth, Keak Da Sneak Shake’um Off 04:08
10 Fame, Tone Malone Just Doin It 02:33
11 J Streets, Skrillz, The Outlawz Bay Area Love 04:25
12 Bueno, The DB’Z Circus Act 04:20
13 Cali O, JT The Bigga Figga, Theek Cadillac Music 03:59
14 Invincible Hard Times 02:41
15 Fiasco, Ray Garcia, Ron Artest, Tone Malone, Uncle Jimi Music Box 04:16
16 Chase, Eligh, PSC Omina Bust 03:14
17 Dezit Eaze, Doey Rock, San Quinn No Drought 03:24
18 Cawzlos, Chase, Doey Rock When Worlds Collide 03:51
19 Gabriel Farr, Gold Fingaz, J-Intell, Sam Phelps, Tone Malone All Night (Omina Classic) 04:39
20 Keak Da Sneak, Nump Trump, Xperimental Bonus Track 05:09

Album info

The album “Bust” by Omina, released in 2007 through the imprints of Solsa Entertainment and Omina Laboratories, is a multifaceted tapestry of Hip Hop tracks. This compilation embodies the spirit of collaboration and unity, bringing together an array of artists from diverse backgrounds. Its roots trace back to Omina Laboratories, a recording studio based in Sacramento, California, renowned for its nurturing of burgeoning talents in the music industry.

This ambitious collection showcases 20 tracks, each boasting a unique constellation of artists. From seasoned industry veterans to emerging voices, the album serves as a platform to broadcast the rich talent pool associated with Omina Laboratories. The versatility and uniqueness of each performer, such as Tone Malone, B-Legit, Turf Talk, and Keak Da Sneak, are highlighted, creating a dynamic sonic experience that captures the essence of modern Hip Hop.

“Bust” encapsulates an expansive range of stylistic influences. Tracks such as “Gambla”, “Smashmatic”, and “Good Look” serve as testament to the album’s broad musical spectrum, where traditional Hip Hop elements intermingle with unexpected and innovative musical nuances. These tracks not only provide an auditory delight to listeners but also signify the daring and creative undertakings of the artists involved.

One standout track, “Music Box”, features an impressive ensemble cast of artists like Fiasco, Ray Garcia, Ron Artest, Tone Malone, and Uncle Jimi. This song encapsulates the spirit of the album— a shared space for artists to come together and celebrate their shared passion for music.

The executive production is masterfully handled by J-Intell, with Omina himself contributing to the creation of tracks 11 and 20. This album also boasts a roster of gifted producers such as Big Mike, DJ Epik, and Uncle Jimi, among others. Their collective efforts ensure a seamless integration of diverse styles into a cohesive and memorable musical experience.

“Bust” offers more than just music; it is a narrative of the Sacramento rap scene, a homage to the talent that thrives there. It is a rich, sonic tapestry woven with diverse influences and artistic voices. Each track carries the distinct signature of its artists, yet they harmoniously blend to form a cohesive musical journey.

The album serves as a testament to the vibrant and dynamic nature of the Sacramento music scene, demonstrating the array of talent that it harbors. Moreover, it stands as a beacon of creative collaboration, encouraging artists to come together and produce something extraordinary. In a nutshell, “Bust” offers listeners an immersive auditory experience, a vibrant exploration of music, and a deep appreciation for the artistic collective of Omina Laboratories.

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