Mr. Doctor - Doc Holiday

Mr. Doctor – Doc Holiday

Download music album Doc Holiday by Mr. Doctor, released on May 1, 2001. ℗ Black Market Records

Mr. Doctor - Doc Holiday

7 Mr. Doctor Plug In 01:12
8 Mr. Doctor Tombstone 2001 03:19
9 Mr. Doctor, Foe Loco Future Kill 04:12
10 Mr. Doctor, Big Q, The Dark Angels Nightshift 04:29
11 Mr. Doctor, Cocaine, The Dark Angels Product 04:22
12 Mr. Doctor, Bugsy, Foe Loco Ya Good For That 04:26
13 Mr. Doctor, Babe Reg, Low Cell, Phantom Streetwise 04:54
14 Mr. Doctor, Babe Reg, Foe Loco Murder Tha Murdered 04:29
15 Mr. Doctor, Babe Reg, Foe Loco A Love Song 04:55
16 Mr. Doctor, Foe Loco Straight From Ya Realaz 04:56
17 Mr. Doctor, Babe Reg, Rebel Don’t Call 04:18
18 Mr. Doctor, Kronik Dogg After The Club (Remix) 03:53
19 Mr. Doctor, Babe Reg, Big Q, Foe Loco Theme Music 04:26
20 Mr. Doctor Fear 03:12
21 Mr. Doctor 5000 C’z 01:05

Album info

“Doc Holiday,” released in May 2001, is a creation of Mr. Doctor, released under Black Market Records. This album is a melange of Gangsta and Horrorcore Hip Hop styles that embody the essence of Mr. Doctor’s discography.

The album kicks off from the seventh track, “Plug In,” a brief intro, before descending into the vivid storytelling of “Tombstone 2001.” Mr. Doctor’s lyricism, as he explores the facets of gangsta life, sets a bold precedent that carries through the album.

Tracks like “Future Kill,” featuring Foe Loco, “Nightshift,” featuring Big Q and The Dark Angels, and “Product,” featuring Cocaine and The Dark Angels, serve as potent narratives of life in the streets. The featured artists add their unique touch, enhancing the richness of the overall sound.

The album continues with tracks like “Ya Good For That,” featuring Bugsy and Foe Loco, and “Streetwise,” featuring Babe Reg, Low Cell, and Phantom. Each track, with its unique blend of featured artists, unfolds a new layer of the album’s narrative. Notably, “Murder Tha Murdered” and “A Love Song,” both featuring Babe Reg and Foe Loco, exhibit an intriguing blend of harsh street realities with the softer sentiments of love.

The album concludes with “Fear” and “5000 C’z,” two striking tracks where Mr. Doctor singularly showcases his lyrical prowess. “5000 C’z,” with its short duration, leaves an indelible imprint, acting as a powerful conclusion to the musical journey.

The album’s production credits show a diverse range of contributors. The executive producer is Cedric Singleton, and tracks are co-produced by FoeDoc and Mr. Doctor, with Babe Reg, Pat Olguine, and The Heat Committee also contributing their production skills.

“Doc Holiday” stands as a testament to the unique blend of Gangsta and Horrorcore Hip Hop styles that define Mr. Doctor’s musical persona. It’s an album that presents a visceral portrayal of street life, while also delving into themes of love and fear. The album encapsulates Mr. Doctor’s unique sound and artistic vision, solidifying his place in the annals of Hip Hop.

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