Marvaless - Wiccked

Marvaless – Wiccked

August 6, 1996

Download music album Wiccked by Marvaless, released on August 6, 1996. ℗ AWOL Records

Marvaless - Wiccked

1 Marvaless, Mississippi Ride With Me 04:33
2 Marvaless Wiccked 04:46
3 Marvaless The Zone 04:02
4 Marvaless, Levitti Sacramento 04:11
5 Marvaless Bring The Bomb 03:10
6 Marvaless, Mac Mall Player Shit 04:02
7 Marvaless, C-Bo See The Light 03:59
8 Marvaless, Kollision Stackin’ Riches 05:15
9 Marvaless, Mississippi Ride With Me (Remix) 04:37
10 Marvaless, Conscious Daughters Fuckin’ With Pros 04:40
11 Marvaless Killa Cali 04:48
12 Marvaless, Lurch, Ric Roc Sexuality 04:36
13 Marvaless, Chereen Briggs West Coast 04:45

Album info

Released on August 6, 1996, under the banner of AWOL Records, “Wiccked” is a full-length album by the American rapper Marvaless that delves deep into the Thug Rap and Gangsta Hip Hop styles. Noted for her distinctive and compelling style, Marvaless brings a robust collection of songs that resonate with gritty authenticity and the raw power of her talent.

The album starts with “Ride With Me,” a collaborative effort with Mississippi, skillfully produced by Kevin Gardener. The song is a powerful kickoff that sets the tone for the rest of the album, filled with unyielding rhymes and a compelling beat. The title track “Wiccked” further drives home Marvaless’s distinctive style, displaying her robust lyricism.

“The Zone,” mixed by Ric Roc, showcases Marvaless’s ability to create captivating narratives. This trend continues with “Sacramento,” where Levitti lends his talent, produced by Mike Mosley, lending the track a distinctive flavor. “Bring The Bomb,” produced by Skillz, stands out as a testament to Marvaless’s skillful delivery and innovative beat production.

The album also features collaborations with influential artists like Mac Mall on “Player Shit” and C-Bo on “See The Light.” Each of these collaborations enhances the album’s depth, providing a refreshing contrast to Marvaless’s solo performances.

One of the album’s standouts is the remixed version of “Ride With Me.” Co-produced by D-Wiz and Kevin Gardener, this remix captures the original’s energy while injecting a fresh, vibrant take. The album concludes with “West Coast,” featuring Chereen Briggs, capping off the collection with a song that encapsulates the album’s spirit and Marvaless’s undying passion for the craft.

Recorded at TML Studios, Live Oak Studios, and Steady Mobbin Studios, and mixed at TML Studios, the album’s production quality is outstanding, further enhanced by Ken Lee’s masterful mastering at Rocket Lab. The design of the album, handled by Phunky Phat Graph-X, adds a visual appeal, reinforcing the album’s thematic content.

The album’s executive production was expertly managed by Kim Collett, with D.J. Daryl and Ric Roc leading production on multiple tracks. With a distinct vision and talented crew, Marvaless’s “Wiccked” stands as an exemplary contribution to the Thug Rap and Gangsta Hip Hop genres, an album that proudly showcases Marvaless’s unwavering talent and the uncompromising grit of her lyrical narratives.

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