Lunasicc - Mr. Lunasicc

Lunasicc – Mr. Lunasicc

July 8, 1997

Download music album Mr. Lunasicc by Lunasicc, released on July 8, 1997. ℗ AWOL Records

Lunasicc - Mr. Lunasicc

1 Lunasicc, C-Bo, Marvaless The Funk Is On 04:16
2 Lunasicc, Levitti, Lil Ric, Pizzo Gangsta Shit 05:48
3 Lunasicc, Laroo Consequences 05:02
4 Lunasicc Mobbin’ In Da 916 04:56
5 Lunasicc, Da Misses Pose No Threat 04:52
6 Lunasicc, Probable Cauze Hard Times 04:28
7 Lunasicc What U Ask Foe 04:18
8 Lunasicc Mr. Lunasicc 04:48
9 Lunasicc, Da Misses So Serious 04:38
10 Lunasicc Hardcore Nigga 04:18
11 Lunasicc, Killa Tay, Marvaless It Don’t Stop 05:13
12 Lunasicc, Flow, Laroo, Pizzo Capp Pillas 05:55
13 Lunasicc, Blacc Don’t Want No Funk 05:16
14 Lunasicc, 151 Face Reality 04:29
15 Lunasicc, Probable Cauze Betta Get Her 04:39
16 Lunasicc, JT The Bigga Figga, Laroo 4 Tha Bizzness 04:24

Album review

Mr. Lunasicc is the debut album by American rapper, Lunasicc, released on July 8, 1997, through AWOL Records and distributed by Noo Trybe Records. The album features production from notable producers such as DJ Daryl, Bobby G, Willie Trump Tight Charles, and Pizzo. The project managed to peak at number 92 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. One single from the album, “Hard Times,” featuring Probable Cauze and Ephriam Galloway, reached No. 8 on the Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, making it the only charting single for all three artists to date.

Mr. Lunasicc comprises 16 tracks, with the album opening up with “The Funk Is On,” featuring C-Bo and Marvaless. The song sets the tone for the rest of the album, which delves into themes of street life, ambition, and the struggles faced by those caught up in the gangsta lifestyle.

“Gangsta Shit,” featuring Levitti, Lil Ric, and Pizzo, is a hard-hitting track showcasing Lunasicc’s signature flow and lyricism. “Consequences,” featuring Laroo, dives into the repercussions of living a dangerous lifestyle, while “Mobbin’ In Da 916” serves as an ode to Lunasicc’s hometown of Sacramento, California.

“Pose No Threat,” featuring Da Misses, explores themes of loyalty and respect in the streets. The album’s lead single, “Hard Times,” featuring Probable Cauze, with uncredited vocals from Ephriam Galloway, is a heartfelt reflection on the difficulties faced in the street life.

“What U Ask Foe” and the title track “Mr. Lunasicc” further demonstrate the rapper’s skills in delivering captivating storytelling and impressive wordplay. “So Serious,” featuring Da Misses, offers a more introspective look at the struggles faced by individuals caught up in the harsh realities of street life.

“Hardcore Nigga” is a braggadocious track that highlights Lunasicc’s confidence and prowess as a rapper. “It Don’t Stop,” featuring Killa Tay and Marvaless, is a menacing anthem that showcases the relentless nature of the gangsta lifestyle.

“Capp Pillas,” featuring Flow, Laroo, and Pizzo, offers a grim look at the dangers and consequences of street life. “Don’t Want No Funk,” featuring Blacc, is a track that emphasizes the importance of standing one’s ground and not backing down in the face of adversity.

“Face Reality,” featuring 151, is an introspective song that encourages listeners to confront the realities of their situations and make necessary changes. “Betta Get Her,” featuring Probable Cauze, delves into the complexities of relationships and their impact on the individual.

The album concludes with “4 Tha Bizzness,” featuring JT The Bigga Figga and Laroo, a powerful collaboration that showcases the talent and versatility of all three artists.

Mr. Lunasicc is an impressive debut that highlights Lunasicc’s distinctive flow, captivating storytelling, and raw lyricism. The album’s production, which features contributions from various talented producers, only adds to its overall appeal. The range of guest appearances and collaborations throughout the project serves to enhance its depth and offer listeners a diverse array of perspectives and styles.

With Mr. Lunasicc, Lunasicc established himself as a skilled rapper and lyricist, providing fans of authentic hip-hop with a standout project that captures the essence of the gangsta rap genre. The album’s combination of raw lyrics, diverse production, and engaging collaborations make it a compelling listen that stands the test of time.

The album’s artwork and design were handled by Phunky Phat Graph-X, with photography by Keba Konte. The project was executive produced by Freddie “T” Smith, with A&R direction by Bobby G, and managed by Marshall Tubbs.

The recording process took place at AWOL Studios and TML Studios, while mixing and mastering occurred at TML Studios and Rocket Lab, respectively. Notable personnel involved in the album’s production include assistant engineer G.T.B., mastering engineer Ken Lee, and mixing engineer D-Wiz.

Mr. Lunasicc is a strong debut album that showcases Lunasicc’s talent as a rapper and lyricist. The project’s themes of struggle, ambition, and the harsh realities of street life resonate with listeners and offer a compelling portrait of the gangsta lifestyle. Through its diverse production, memorable collaborations, and Lunasicc’s skillful storytelling, the album remains a noteworthy entry in the hip-hop canon and a testament to the enduring appeal of authentic gangsta rap.

In conclusion, Mr. Lunasicc is an essential listen for fans of classic hip-hop and serves as an impressive introduction to Lunasicc’s artistry. The album’s powerful storytelling, raw lyricism, and captivating collaborations make it a standout project in the gangsta rap genre, one that continues to resonate with listeners more than two decades after its release.

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