Marvaless - Ghetto Blues

Marvaless – Ghetto Blues

June 30, 1994

Download music album Ghetto Blues by Marvaless, released on June 30, 1994. ℗ AWOL Records

Marvaless - Ghetto Blues

1 Marvaless, Mississippi Ghetto Blues 04:48
2 Marvaless, Pizzo Niggaz & Hoes 05:02
3 Marvaless, C-Bo, Rup Dog Smokin’ Da Bomb 05:07
4 Marvaless It’s About Time 03:24
5 Marvaless Kill The Disrespect 04:08
6 Marvaless, C-Bo Can’t Stand The Heat 05:05
7 Marvaless Don’t Cross Me 04:23
8 Marvaless Another Dead Nigga 03:33
9 Marvaless Female Assassin 04:50
10 Marvaless Shouts Out 05:54

Album info

“Ghetto Blues” is a captivating Hip Hop album by Marvaless, embodying the Gangsta style. Released in 1994 under AWOL Records, the album is an unflinching exploration of the artist’s experiences and perceptions. Marvaless’s lyrical prowess combined with the striking production choices makes “Ghetto Blues” a compelling entry in the genre.

The album kicks off with the title track “Ghetto Blues,” featuring Mississippi and penned by Tyrone Gibson. This song sets the tone for the album, introducing listeners to the gritty narratives and potent lyricism that Marvaless is known for. The following track, “Niggaz & Hoes,” featuring Pizzo and produced by Xtra Large, continues to delve into these themes, portraying life in an unforgiving environment.

The third track, “Smokin’ Da Bomb,” features C-Bo and Rup Dog, with Shawn Thomas contributing to the songwriting. This song, like the rest of the album, is a testament to Marvaless’s storytelling abilities and the depth of her artistic vision. The next few tracks – “It’s About Time,” “Kill The Disrespect,” “Can’t Stand The Heat” (featuring C-Bo), and “Don’t Cross Me” – continue to underscore Marvaless’s aptitude for delivering hard-hitting truths wrapped in intricate rhymes.

“Another Dead Nigga,” produced by Xtra Large, stands as a stark commentary on violence, while “Female Assassin” showcases Marvaless’s unapologetic and fierce persona. The album closes with “Shouts Out,” a nod to her community and those who have supported her journey.

The production of the album, handled mainly by DJ Daryl and Mob Boss Productions, complements Marvaless’s raw and powerful vocals. Their contribution ensures a vibrant soundscape that blends perfectly with the album’s narrative and thematic elements. The album’s executive producer, renowned rapper C-Bo, adds a layer of expertise and authenticity to the production.

“Ghetto Blues” also benefits from the technical contributions of D-Wiz, who took care of both the mastering and mixing. This expertise ensures that the album offers a clean, well-balanced sound, allowing Marvaless’s lyrics to take center stage.

The album’s packaging enhances its appeal, with artwork by Phunky Phat Graph-X and photography by Keba Konte. These visual elements serve to underline the themes and narratives present in Marvaless’s lyrics, providing a fitting visual accompaniment to the auditory experience.

Overall, “Ghetto Blues” is a significant offering in the Gangsta Hip Hop genre, displaying Marvaless’s talents as a rap artist and her ability to weave engaging, authentic narratives about life in the inner city. Her adept lyricism, paired with the album’s distinctive production and compelling features, makes “Ghetto Blues” a must-listen for fans of the genre.

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