Lil Spade - Full Decc

Lil Spade – Full Decc

March 26, 2002

Download music album Full Decc by Lil Spade, released on March 26, 2002. ℗ U C IT Entertainment

Lil Spade - Full Decc

1 Lil Spade, AC?, Bomb Jaxon, Killa Hoe Don’t Hurt My Baby 04:48
2 Lil Spade, Big Spade Bust A Nutt 00:59
3 Lil Spade, Big Spade, Snag Loc Hater Zone 05:53
4 Lil Spade, Maximillion? Major Thangz 04:39
5 Lil Spade, AC?, Levitti, Pook Playa 05:00
6 Lil Spade, Chunk Nobody Stoppin’ This 03:44
7 Lil Spade, Chill Bowl, Playboy Ride For The Money 04:10
8 Lil Spade, Chunk, Lil’ Law Savage Niggaz 03:59
9 Lil Spade, No Love, T Nutty Nutt Murda 04:09
10 Lil Spade, Dray Loc Gangster Reunion 04:06
11 Lil Spade Full Decc 04:23
12 Lil Spade, AC? Hoe’s Will Do Anything 04:34
13 Lil Spade, J-Dubb, Killa Hoe Obstacles 03:55
14 Lil Spade, Lil Pigg Penn, T Nutty Nutt Rapid Fire 04:56
15 Lil Spade On My Way 04:38

Album review

In 2002, U C IT Entertainment released a highly anticipated hip-hop album from Sacramento rapper Lil Spade, titled “Full Decc.” Showcasing Lil Spade’s energetic style and versatile flow, the album features 15 tracks that blend various elements of hip-hop and gangsta rap. “Full Decc” gained traction within the underground hip-hop scene and cemented Lil Spade’s reputation as a skilled rapper and lyricist.

The album’s production features the talents of Plat-E-Num, who produced 10 of the 15 tracks, as well as Maximillion, Marvin Scott, Bomb Jaxon, and Roper. This combination of producers provides a diverse and dynamic soundscape throughout the project, highlighting Lil Spade’s adaptability and his ability to deliver hard-hitting verses over various beats.

“Don’t Hurt My Baby,” the opening track, sets the tone for the album with its catchy hook and features guest appearances from AC, Bomb Jaxon, and Killa Hoe. The song is produced by Plat-E-Num, who showcases his production prowess by crafting a captivating beat that complements Lil Spade’s flow.

The album features numerous guest appearances from fellow rappers, further enhancing the project’s overall appeal. Big Spade features on two tracks, “Bust A Nutt” and “Hater Zone,” both of which are produced by Plat-E-Num. “Playa,” the fifth track on the album, features AC, Levitti, and Pook, with Marvin Scott taking on production duties.

“Nobody Stoppin’ This” is a collaboration with Chunk and is another Plat-E-Num-produced track that showcases Lil Spade’s relentless flow and unwavering confidence. “Ride For The Money” features Chill Bowl and Playboy, while “Savage Niggaz” sees Lil Spade teaming up with Chunk and Lil’ Law for a raw and aggressive track.

On “Murda,” Lil Spade is joined by No Love and T Nutty Nutt for a menacing track produced by Plat-E-Num. “Gangster Reunion” features Dray Loc and is produced by Roper, providing a change of pace in the album’s production. The album’s title track, “Full Decc,” is produced by Bomb Jaxon and showcases Lil Spade’s lyrical prowess and impressive wordplay.

“Hoe’s Will Do Anything” features AC and is produced by Plat-E-Num, while “Obstacles” sees Lil Spade collaborating with J-Dubb and Killa Hoe on another track produced by the versatile Plat-E-Num. “Rapid Fire” features appearances from Lil Pigg Penn and T Nutty Nutt, with Plat-E-Num once again handling production duties. The album concludes with “On My Way,” produced by Roper.

Throughout “Full Decc,” Lil Spade demonstrates his ability to deliver captivating storytelling and clever wordplay. His unique flow and undeniable energy make for an engaging listening experience, and the album’s strong production only adds to its appeal. The variety of guest appearances and collaborations further enhances the project’s depth, providing listeners with an array of perspectives and styles.

Lil Spade, a rapper hailing from Sacramento, California, is also a member of the group Armageddogz. With the release of “Full Decc,” Lil Spade solidified his status as a talented rapper within the underground hip-hop community. The album’s combination of raw lyricism, diverse production, and captivating collaborations make it a standout project in Lil Spade’s discography and a must-listen for fans of authentic hip-hop.

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