Azpect - Point Of View

Azpect – Point Of View

January 1, 2003

Download music album Point Of View by Azpect, released in 2003. ℗ Mental Lane Records

Azpect - Point Of View

1 Azpect Instro 01:42
2 Azpect, Yvette Boy 03:22
3 Azpect, Waxx You Know 04:03
4 Azpect, D.E.A, Yvette Let Me Show You 04:10
5 Azpect, Waxx Azpect & Waxx 03:46
6 Azpect Skit (The Bottom Line) 01:09
7 Azpect I’ve Been Through 04:18
8 Azpect, Smoothe Can You Tell Me 03:33
9 Azpect U Were All I Needed 03:38
10 Azpect Skit (The Characters) 01:05
11 Azpect Just Ain’t The Same 03:29
12 Azpect, Sideways Clock Hits 12 03:57
13 Azpect I Will Not Loose 03:53
14 Azpect, Smuggla, Jacka Everyday 03:52
15 Azpect, D.E.A Going To War 03:55
16 Azpect Salinas Anthem 04:37
17 Azpect Ride Till I Die 03:57

Album info

“Point of View,” an articulate hip-hop album by Jes Chacon, known artistically as Azpect, was released under Mental Lane Records in 2003. Embodied within this CD album is not just music but a collection of stories and experiences shaped into verse, capturing the essence of conscious hip-hop.

The album opens with “Instro,” a track produced and recorded by D.E.A, which sets the tone for the narrative journey. The album swiftly moves into “Boy,” featuring Yvette and produced by Sideways, which begins to peel back the layers of Azpect’s message, offering a personal glimpse into formative experiences.

“You Know,” with the collaboration of Waxx, continues the thematic emphasis on knowledge and self-awareness, underscored by Sideways’ production. “Let Me Show You” takes a more intimate turn, featuring D.E.A and Yvette, it’s a track that invites listeners to understand the world from Azpect’s perspective, co-written by D. Aguilar and Y. Brooke.

The eponymous track “Azpect & Waxx” furthers the artist’s partnership with Waxx, offering a lyrical back-and-forth that showcases the skill of both rappers. The first “Skit (The Bottom Line)” introduces a narrative pause, setting the stage for “I’ve Been Through,” a solo endeavor by Azpect, capturing the trials he’s faced.

“Can You Tell Me” is a collaborative effort with Smoothe, produced by Donaldo, where the dialogue turns to seeking understanding and clarity. The emotional “U Were All I Needed” continues this introspective mood, before leading into another narrative intermission with “Skit (The Characters).”

In “Just Ain’t The Same,” the rhythm of life’s changes is echoed through Azpect’s verses, followed by “Clock Hits 12,” a collaborative track with Sideways, offering a look into the urgency and timeliness of Azpect’s messages. “I Will Not Lose” stands out with its resilience theme, produced by Genessee and recorded by Marc Love.

The album continues to weave through the complexities of life with “Everyday,” featuring Smuggla and Jacka, and “Going To War,” a hard-hitting piece featuring D.E.A. It wraps up with “Salinas Anthem,” a hometown homage, and “Ride Till I Die,” a definitive statement of dedication and endurance.

Mastered at Trakworx with art direction and design by Brad Newberry, and mastered by Justin, “Point of View” is not just an album but a capsule of time and thought, a meticulous collection of Azpect’s outlook on life and the paths he’s traveled, all while representing the heart of Salinas, California.