Born on November 20, 1990, in Sacramento, California, Celly Ru is a renowned rapper in the underground hip-hop scene. The 32-year-old Scorpio has made significant strides in his career, with popular tracks like “Krazy,” “A Hunnid,” and “God as My Witness.” Celly Ru has also released numerous mixtapes, including Next Body On Me (2014), Free da Ru (2015), and Stitch Lipz (Secret Society) (2016).

Celly Ru attended Highlands High School in Sacramento, California, before diving into his music career. His music video for “Krazy” garnered more than half a million views on YouTube, helping him gain traction and grow his fan base. With a brother by his side, Celly Ru has managed to create a strong presence in the industry.

In collaboration with fellow Sacramento rapper Mozzy, Celly Ru’s song “BPL” further boosted his profile. Throughout the years, he has released a wide variety of albums, mixtapes, singles, and EPs, showcasing his talent and dedication to his craft. From Money Family Respect (2015) to Tre Fo (2021), Celly Ru’s music resonates with fans of underground hip-hop, and his impact on the scene continues to expand.

In summary, Celly Ru is a talented underground rapper hailing from Sacramento, California. His impressive discography spans over several years, with notable tracks and collaborations that have helped cement his reputation in the hip-hop community.

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