Ten - The Thought, The Plan, The Execution

Ten – The Thought, The Plan, The Execution

August 31, 1999

Download music album The Thought, The Plan, The Execution by Ten, released on August 31, 1999. ℗ J.R.D.D. Entertainment

Ten - The Thought, The Plan, The Execution

1 Ten Time 02:59
2 Ten Tryin To Make My Paper 03:11
3 Ten, Black D Rise 03:05
4 Ten Testimony 05:45
5 Ten Straight Killa 03:55
6 Ten That Nigga Once Again 03:33
7 Ten, Zo Things Ain’t What They Seem 04:43
8 Ten Questions 01:47
9 Ten The Thought, The Plan, The Execution 03:37
10 Ten, AC, Black D, Mounty Mike To Sacramento 03:02
11 Ten, Mastermind, Novakane, Tequilla Just Riden 03:19
12 Ten, Black D Psyco Nut 04:22
13 Ten Just Bullshit 03:15
14 Ten, Black D, Villin Mobb She Talks To Me 05:09
15 Ten Bounce To This 02:13

Album info

Released in 1999 by J.R.D.D. Entertainment, “The Thought, The Plan, The Execution” is a staple in the late ’90s hip-hop scene, particularly within the gangsta rap genre. This album marks the solo endeavor of Ten, a member of Sacramento’s Villin Mobb. With its array of robust tracks, the project underlines the artist’s versatility and intrinsic understanding of street life, societal struggles, and existential questions.

The opening track “Time” sets the tone of the album, introducing listeners to the themes of temporal existence and urgency. “Tryin To Make My Paper” follows suit, delving into the financial struggles and hustle of daily life. Then, the album takes a deeper turn with “Rise,” featuring Black D, examining the themes of social mobility and systemic constraints.

Songs like “Straight Killa” and “That Nigga Once Again” are quintessential gangsta rap, offering unfiltered portrayals of the criminal life and defiance against authority. They’re contrasted by more reflective pieces such as “Things Ain’t What They Seem,” featuring Zo, and “Questions,” where Ten goes beyond mere storytelling to question the state of society and individual consciousness.

The album’s title track, “The Thought, The Plan, The Execution,” serves as the project’s magnum opus. It encapsulates the core message of the album, which is about strategizing, executing, and living through one’s plans amidst challenges and hardships.

The track “To Sacramento” serves as a homage to Ten’s hometown, featuring other local artists like AC, Black D, and Mounty Mike, while “Just Riden” and “Psyco Nut” showcase collaborations that extend the musical textures of the album.

The production work is mainly helmed by Ten himself, except for “She Talks To Me,” which is produced by G-Law. This creative control allows Ten to maintain a cohesive and authentic sound throughout the project.

“The Thought, The Plan, The Execution” stands as a timeless piece within the genre, capturing the various facets of life within the harsh realities of the American streets at the turn of the century. Whether it’s crime, ambition, struggle, or introspection, Ten packs it all into this intricate album, making it a must-listen for any fan of gangsta rap.