Smigg Dirtee & DJ.Fresh - The Tonite Show (Part 2) With Smigg Dirtee

Smigg Dirtee & DJ.Fresh – The Tonite Show (Part 2) With Smigg Dirtee

October 21, 2007

Download music album The Tonite Show (Part 2) With Smigg Dirtee by Smigg Dirtee & DJ.Fresh, released on October 21, 2007. ℗ Fresh In The Flesh Music

Smigg Dirtee & DJ.Fresh - The Tonite Show (Part 2) With Smigg Dirtee

1 Smigg Dirtee, DJ.Fresh The Tonite Show With Smigg Dirtee (Intro) 01:23
2 Smigg Dirtee, DJ.Fresh Clear It Out 02:32
3 Smigg Dirtee, DJ.Fresh Cleaner Than A Bitch 03:14
4 Smigg Dirtee, DJ.Fresh, Beeda Weeda, J-Stalin Crime Pays 04:22
5 Smigg Dirtee, DJ.Fresh Break Up 03:49
6 Smigg Dirtee, DJ.Fresh, Kaze Easy Like 03:59
7 Smigg Dirtee, DJ.Fresh Every Bitch In The Hood 02:33
8 Smigg Dirtee, DJ.Fresh, Clinton Sparx, Obnoxious I Got It 03:25
9 Smigg Dirtee, DJ.Fresh In The Mood 02:47
10 Smigg Dirtee, DJ.Fresh, Mr. Tower, Obnoxious Fresh2Def 04:01
11 Smigg Dirtee, DJ.Fresh, Clinton Sparx, Obnoxious Smigg & Ob Fresh Joint 03:19
12 Smigg Dirtee, DJ.Fresh Somebody Tell ‘Em 02:42

Album info

“The Tonite Show (Part 2) With Smigg Dirtee,” released on October 21, 2007, is a potent continuation of the collaborative synergy between Smigg Dirtee and DJ Fresh. Crafted under the banner of Fresh In The Flesh Music, this album offers another deep dive into the world of Gangsta rap, intricately laced with resonant narratives and pulsating beats.

Opening with a 1:23-minute intro that sets the thematic tone, the album seamlessly transitions into “Clear It Out,” a 2:32-minute anthem that unpacks the realities of the street life. The following track, “Cleaner Than A Bitch,” is an ode to self-confidence and the hustle, captured through its 3:14-minute run time.

One of the standout tracks on the album, “Crime Pays,” features Beeda Weeda and J-Stalin, and leans heavily into the gritty elements of the genre. At 4:22 minutes, it serves as a narrative counterpoint to the more light-hearted “Break Up,” a 3:49-minute track that explores relationship dynamics with a Gangsta twist.

The collaborative prowess of Smigg Dirtee and DJ Fresh is evident throughout the album. DJ Fresh, who had already established himself as a versatile producer in the West Coast scene, creates a backdrop that allows Smigg Dirtee’s lyrical acumen to flourish. Tracks like “Easy Like,” featuring Kaze, and “Every Bitch In The Hood” display the duo’s knack for capturing the raw energy and ethos of their genre.

Songs like “I Got It” and “Smigg & Ob Fresh Joint,” both featuring Clinton Sparx, and “Fresh2Def,” featuring Mr. Tower, showcase the album’s feature-rich nature. These collaborations add multiple dimensions to the project, amplifying its impact.

The album culminates with “Somebody Tell ‘Em,” a 2:42-minute closing track that encapsulates the essence of the album—raw, unfiltered, and profoundly true to its roots. Produced by DJ Fresh and The Whole Shabang, this album not only extends the legacy of the “Tonite Show” series but solidifies Smigg Dirtee and DJ Fresh as a dynamic duo within the Gangsta rap landscape. Overall, “The Tonite Show (Part 2) With Smigg Dirtee” is a pivotal project that stands as a testament to the enduring vitality of West Coast hip-hop.

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