Sly Boogy - Beauty Of Death

Sly Boogy – Beauty Of Death

January 1, 2008

Download music album Beauty Of Death by Sly Boogy, released in 2008. ℗ Not On Label (Sly Boogy Self-released)

Sly Boogy - Beauty Of Death

1 Sly Boogy Intro 02:42
2 Sly Boogy Lets Go! 05:03
3 Sly Boogy, Kierra West Up 04:08
4 Sly Boogy Rep Dat West Coast 05:12
5 Sly Boogy, AP, Crooked I, Kam, Miss King Keep On 04:08
6 Sly Boogy Git Up 04:11
7 Sly Boogy, PBG Hussle Up 04:07
8 Sly Boogy I’m From I.E. 03:20
9 Sly Boogy Go Have Some Fun 04:19
10 Sly Boogy The Jump Off 02:38

Album info

“Sly Boogy – Beauty Of Death” emerged in 2008 as an independent release, showcasing Sly Boogy’s unwavering commitment to his craft in the world of hip hop. The album, released under his own label, features a collection of tracks that blend the distinctive sounds of Gangsta and G-Funk, emphasizing Sly Boogy’s deep roots in the West Coast rap scene.

The album opens with an “Intro” that sets the tone, leading into “Lets Go!,” a track that captures the energetic and dynamic style of Sly Boogy. “West Up,” featuring Kierra, is a homage to the West Coast, blending catchy hooks with hard-hitting verses. “Rep Dat West Coast” continues this theme, emphasizing Sly Boogy’s loyalty to his regional roots.

“Keep On,” featuring AP, Crooked I, Kam, and Miss King, stands out as a collaborative effort, showcasing the synergy between Sly Boogy and other prominent artists in the hip hop community. “Git Up” injects a burst of energy with its upbeat tempo and compelling rhythms.

“Hussle Up,” featuring PBG and produced by XL Middleton, is a highlight of the album, mixing smooth G-Funk vibes with Sly Boogy’s distinct lyrical flow. “I’m From I.E.” is a declaration of pride for his hometown, Inland Empire, resonating with local fans and beyond.

“Go Have Some Fun” encapsulates the album’s blend of serious themes and more lighthearted moments. The track “The Jump Off” concludes the album on a high note, leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Sly Boogy’s versatility and skill.

“Sly Boogy – Beauty Of Death” is not just an album; it’s a statement from an artist unafraid to remain true to his roots while exploring new territories in sound and collaboration. The album’s independent release speaks to Sly Boogy’s dedication to his art, free from the constraints of mainstream expectations. It stands as a testament to his talent and a valuable addition to the landscape of West Coast hip hop.