Skanless - The Book Of Skanless

Skanless – The Book Of Skanless

July 25, 1996

Download music album The Book Of Skanless by Skanless, released on July 25, 1996. ℗ 50150 Records

Skanless - The Book Of Skanless

1 Skanless Intro 00:16
2 Skanless, 11/5 Money 04:33
3 Skanless Bustas Can’t Touch Us 04:32
4 Skanless Real Southside Killas 06:02
5 Skanless Life So Skanless 05:01
6 Skanless Cold Dred 05:05
7 Skanless Stay True 04:33
8 Skanless Ghetto Swang 04:03
9 Skanless Jack Time 04:49
10 Skanless, Herm Lewis, T-Lowe The Showdown 04:56
11 Skanless One And Only 04:47
12 Skanless, Scoot Dogg, Totally Insane Skanless Shit 05:48
13 Skanless, Big Mack, Taydatay Dirty Mackin’ 04:22
14 Skanless Have You Heard Of Me 05:55
15 Skanless Dead Eyes 04:42
16 Skanless Outro 04:43

Album info

“Skanless – The Book Of Skanless” is a quintessential Gangsta Hip Hop album that showcases the often grim realities of street life. The album was launched in the United States in 1996 by 50150 Records and features a fusion of raw lyricism and infectious beats that encapsulate the essence of Skanless as a relentless artist from Sacramento, California.

The album is introduced with a concise intro and proceeds to carve an intense auditory journey, filled with powerful features from the likes of 11/5 on “Money,” Herm Lewis & T-Lowe on “The Showdown,” and Scoot Dogg and Totally Insane on “Skanless Shit,” among others. These collaborations intensify the sonic richness of the album, adding to the depth and variety of Skanless’s narratives.

Tracks like “Real Southside Killas,” “Life So Skanless,” and “Stay True” resonate the stark realities of the streets, reflecting the often harsh circumstances of urban existence. On “Life So Skanless” and “Stay True,” the addition of vocals from D-Dubb and Mocha, and The Mobb respectively, provide a more dynamic sonic texture to the narrative.

The production is chiefly handled by Hollis, with contributions from Brian “Sharkey” Porter, Sean T, and T.C., who work in harmony to construct a sound canvas that is both enthralling and reflective of the Gangsta Hip Hop genre. The album’s soundscape is layered, gritty, and delivers the poignant lyrics with an irresistible cadence.

Curtis D. Phillips Sr. is the executive producer behind this ambitious project, with engineering by Brian “Sharkey” Porter, G-Man Stan Keith, Matt, Reg, and Tony. Mastered by Ken Lee at Rocket Lab, the album captures a sonically polished and professional aesthetic.

The album design by Samoht Design and the photography by Thomas G. align seamlessly with the album’s theme, giving it a visual identity that matches the narrative intensity of the music. The album, as a whole, is an accurate representation of Skanless’s prowess as a gangsta rap artist and stands as a testament to his narrative skills and distinct style.