Sicx - Dead 4 Life

Sicx – Dead 4 Life

Download music album Dead 4 Life by Sicx, released on August 1, 1998. ℗ Black Market Records / Insain Records

Sicx - Dead 4 Life

1 Sicx Hellz Angel (Intro) 00:08
2 Sicx Once Upon A Time 04:14
3 Sicx Back Door 01:20
4 Sicx High Off Murder 04:14
5 Sicx Yo Bitch, My Bitch 02:58
6 Sicx City Of Sac 04:27
7 Sicx Mr. Policeman 03:31
8 Sicx 9 Millametta 05:03
9 Sicx Niggaz Ain’t Shit 03:25
10 Sicx Momma Crack 01:23
11 Sicx Dead 4 Life 04:27
12 Sicx She’s A Hoe 00:27
13 Sicx Bitch Be A Hoe 03:06
14 Sicx Day One (Outro) 02:10

Album info

“Sicx – Dead 4 Life” is a profoundly evocative album in the Gangsta Hip Hop genre. Released under the labels of Black Market Records and Insain Records, this collection is deeply entrenched in the dark, raw narratives of the street. It was launched in 1995 in the United States, in the CD format, illustrating the mid-90s Hip Hop scene’s hardcore, unfiltered essence.

The album begins with a brief intro, “Hellz Angel,” before transitioning into “Once Upon A Time,” a track that sets the tone for the whole album. Songs like “High Off Murder,” “City Of Sac,” and “9 Millametta” intensify the gritty narrative. Other tracks like “Momma Crack” and “Dead 4 Life” further augment the album’s stark portrayal of life in the urban underworld.

The production, spearheaded by E-Moe and Sicx, integrates a haunting yet compelling vibe into the album. Sicx’s masterful lyrics, combined with the grim, vivid storytelling, render a compelling, albeit unsettling, sonic journey. Moreover, Sicx’s unique blend of stark lyricism with hardcore beats exemplifies the Gangsta Hip Hop genre’s raw aesthetic.

However, the artist behind “Dead 4 Life,” Maxmillian Levec Kunitz, also known as Sicx, has a grim personal history that surpasses the narratives of his music. Born on June 27, 1970, Sicx began his rap career in 1986 and was a prominent figure in the Sacramento, California Hip Hop scene, collaborating with fellow artists like Brotha Lynch Hung and X-Raided. Yet, his career was marked by criminal activities that led to his conviction as a child molester. This conviction resulted in Sicx being sentenced to 69 years in prison, effectively ending his career in the music industry. Sicx’s music, while impactful, is invariably overshadowed by his personal actions. His legacy in Hip Hop is thus a contentious one, marred by his criminal acts.

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