Shorty Pimpish - Fantasy 2 Reality

Shorty Pimpish – Fantasy 2 Reality

Download music album Fantasy 2 Reality by Shorty Pimpish, released in 2002. ℗ Probable Cause Productions

Shorty Pimpish - Fantasy 2 Reality

1 Shorty Pimpish, SDI, Wheaty Ray, Slo Mo Intro 02:25
2 Shorty Pimpish Buck Tha World 03:53
3 Shorty Pimpish, Big Man, Cliff Eyes Of Ah Dreamer 04:33
4 Shorty Pimpish Down To Ride 04:03
5 Shorty Pimpish Fantasy 2 Reality 00:17
6 Shorty Pimpish, Insane Nobody Knows 04:24
7 Shorty Pimpish, Wheaty Ray, Jackie Intermission 01:34
8 Shorty Pimpish, Caine, Marvaless Wicked Thoughts 04:26
9 Shorty Pimpish, Cliff, Syann, Raymond Michael Jr., Wheaty Ray Better Way 04:22
10 Shorty Pimpish, Joker Can’t Fuck Wit Dat 03:50
11 Shorty Pimpish, Caine, Linell, Marcell Plot Ta Lick 00:12
12 Shorty Pimpish, Marcell First Lick 03:30
13 Shorty Pimpish, Camacause-Z Strip Tease 05:00
14 Shorty Pimpish, Specialty Back In The Day 03:09
15 Shorty Pimpish Outro 02:20

Album info

“Fantasy 2 Reality” is an embodiment of raw, powerful storytelling from one of Sacramento’s most revered female artists, Shorty Pimpish. Released in 2002 under the Probable Cause Productions label, this album takes the listener on a vivid journey from dream-like illusions to the harsh truths of reality, representing the vibrant essence of the 916 area code.

The album starts off with an ‘Intro’ that features Shorty Pimpish along with SDI, Wheaty Ray, and Slo Mo, setting the tone for the tracks to come. The second track ‘Buck Tha World’ is a showcase of Shorty Pimpish’s lyrical prowess, perfectly capturing her fierce attitude.

Tracks like ‘Eyes Of Ah Dreamer’ and ‘Down To Ride’ add depth to the narrative, showcasing her storytelling abilities and highlighting the realities of street life. The title track ‘Fantasy 2 Reality’ is a gritty narrative of her personal journey, painting a stark contrast between dreams and the realities of the harsh world she hails from.

‘Nobody Knows’ featuring Insane, and ‘Wicked Thoughts’ featuring Caine and Marvaless, are further evidence of Shorty Pimpish’s lyrical dexterity and ability to craft compelling narratives. ‘Better Way’ is a heart-tugging collaboration with Cliff, Syann, Raymond Michael Jr., and Wheaty Ray, while ‘Can’t Fuck Wit Dat’ featuring Joker is a defiant and powerful track.

The album reaches its climax with ‘Plot Ta Lick’, ‘First Lick’, and ‘Strip Tease’, the latter featuring Camacause-Z. Each of these tracks provides a unique perspective on the harsh realities of street life, highlighting the artist’s strong narrative abilities.

Closing off with ‘Back In The Day’ featuring Specialty and an ‘Outro’ by Shorty Pimpish herself, the album effectively wraps up its narrative. Album art by Todda Watter and David Dorsey enhances the album’s presentation, complementing the narrative and underlining the album’s theme.

In all, “Fantasy 2 Reality” stands out as a brilliant example of Shorty Pimpish’s prowess as an artist. Her compelling storytelling ability, combined with powerful lyrical content, makes this album a significant contribution to the Gangsta Rap genre.

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