Shorty Mac - Shorty Mac

Shorty Mac – Shorty Mac

February 27, 1996

Download music album Shorty Mac by Shorty Mac, released on February 27, 1996. ℗ Vertex Music / JVC

Shorty Mac - Shorty Mac

1 Shorty Mac Intro 00:49
2 Shorty Mac This Life I Live 03:55
3 Shorty Mac, Flexx Hit Um Up 03:49
4 Shorty Mac, Flexx, Lady Teese Well It’s A Party 03:46
5 Shorty Mac Juvinile Facility 01:28
6 Shorty Mac Hard To Tame Me 04:17
7 Shorty Mac Who’s Next 04:05
8 Shorty Mac I Let Um Know 03:55
9 Shorty Mac It’s On 04:33
10 Shorty Mac Come Into The Room 04:20
11 Shorty Mac, Flexx Scan’less World 04:14
12 Shorty Mac, Flexx I Got Stripes 04:06
13 Shorty Mac Hard To Tame Me (Street Mix) 04:36

Album info

“Shorty Mac”, the self-titled album by Shorty Mac, real name Derrelle Owens, hit the Hip Hop scene in 1996 under the labels Vertex Music and JVC. Hailing from Sacramento, CA, Shorty Mac’s album provides a unique blend of Gangsta style hip-hop, reflective of the artist’s lived experiences and vibrant personality.

The album opens with an ‘Intro’, which effectively sets the mood for the whole album. It then swiftly transitions into ‘This Life I Live’ and ‘Hit Um Up’, the latter featuring Flexx, a well-known name in the gangsta rap scene. These tracks provide a clear insight into Shorty Mac’s world, effectively using heavy beats and hard-hitting lyrics to bring the streets of Sacramento to life.

‘Well It’s A Party’ featuring Flexx and Lady Teese introduces a lively vibe, adding a distinct dimension to the album’s overall narrative. Further, ‘Juvinile Facility’ and ‘Hard To Tame Me’ are solid examples of Shorty Mack’s lyrical prowess and production skills, underlining the depth of his talent.

The middle part of the album with tracks like ‘Who’s Next’, ‘I Let Um Know’, and ‘It’s On’, holds the narrative together and delivers a consistent gangsta vibe. Shorty Mac’s storytelling continues to impress in ‘Come Into The Room’ and ‘Scan’less World’ featuring Flexx.

‘I Got Stripes’, again featuring Flexx, stands out with its unfiltered perspective of street life. The album rounds off with ‘Hard To Tame Me (Street Mix)’, a remix that adds a refreshing spin to the original track.

The album was engineered by Mitch Marcoulier and John “J.P.” Payne, who also mixed the tracks. The executive production was done by A.G. Nakahira, with J-Stank and Mitch Marcoulier as the producers.

All in all, “Shorty Mac” is a testament to the talent and artistry of Derrelle Owens. With an impressive line-up of guest artists and top-tier production, this album solidifies Shorty Mac’s place in the annals of Gangsta Hip Hop.