Sav Sicc & Bleezo - Twin Evil

Sav Sicc & Bleezo – Twin Evil

January 1, 2007

Download music album Twin Evil by Sav Sicc & Bleezo, released in 2007. ℗ CWAY Muzicc

Sav Sicc & Bleezo - Twin Evil

1 Sav Sicc, Bleezo Twin Evil Intro 01:41
2 Sav Sicc, Bleezo Aaaaay 03:30
3 Sav Sicc, Bleezo Chop Shit Down 03:38
4 Sav Sicc, Bleezo Blocc It Up 03:43
5 Sav Sicc, Bleezo, Scitso Bloccstar 03:48
6 Sav Sicc, Bleezo, T Rush Lyrical Combat 04:07
7 Sav Sicc, Bleezo Kill U All 04:09
8 Sav Sicc, Bleezo Napalm 03:44
9 Sav Sicc, Bleezo, Brotha Lynch Hung Twin Evil 05:02
10 Sav Sicc, Bleezo My Cousin 04:17
11 Sav Sicc, Bleezo, Deep Cixx Drink 2 Much 03:43
12 Sav Sicc, Bleezo, NoLove, Skari Stunnamire Fallout 05:00
13 Sav Sicc, Bleezo Listen Up 04:01
14 Sav Sicc, Bleezo That’s The Facts 03:55
15 Sav Sicc, Bleezo Threat 2 Peace 03:37
16 Sav Sicc, Bleezo Know Where You’re At 03:28
17 Sav Sicc, Bleezo, X-Raided Skit 01:47
18 Sav Sicc, Bleezo, Scitso, Zigg Zagg Rep 4 Sac 03:47
19 Sav Sicc, Bleezo Scandlous Intro 00:51
20 Sav Sicc, Bleezo, Scitso, V8 Scandlous 04:32

Album info

Released in 2007, ‘Twin Evil’ is an exhilarating foray into the Gangsta Hip Hop genre, brought to life by Sav Sicc and Bleezo. Presented by Big NoLove and CWAY Muzicc, this album is filled with the stark realities of street life, blended with clever lyricism and hard-hitting beats. The album showcases the distinct talents of both Sav Sicc (Michael Landon Carraway, Jr.) and Bleezo (Brandon Wade), two gangsta rappers hailing from Sacramento, CA.

Starting with a captivating ‘Twin Evil Intro’, the album captures the listeners’ attention from the get-go. The opening salvo, ‘Aaaaay’ and ‘Chop Shit Down’, both produced by Vince V., sets the hard, gritty, and unapologetic tone for the entire album.

‘Blocc It Up’ and ‘Bloccstar’ delve deeper into the life and culture of the streets, the latter featuring Scitso and backed by GLS’s raw production. ‘Lyrical Combat’ is a remarkable track where T Rush’s guest appearance adds an extra layer of complexity to the music.

Tracks like ‘Kill U All’, ‘Napalm’, and ‘Twin Evil’—the latter featuring Brotha Lynch Hung—stand out for their intense verses and unique production styles. The collaboration with Brotha Lynch Hung on ‘Twin Evil’ highlights the synergy of the artists and creates a unique and memorable sonic experience.

Later tracks, such as ‘Drink 2 Much’ and ‘Fallout’, continue to explore the daily struggles and lifestyle of street life, featuring guest appearances by Deep Cixx, No Love, and Skari Stunnamire.

Towards the end, the album stays strong with tracks like ‘Threat 2 Peace’ and ‘Know Where You’re At’, both produced by Phonk Beta, showcasing the musical range of the duo. The album concludes with ‘Scandlous’, a potent collaboration with Scitso and V8.

All in all, ‘Twin Evil’ is a compelling display of the talents of Sav Sicc and Bleezo, unflinchingly diving into the Gangsta Hip Hop genre and pushing its boundaries, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre. Their vivid storytelling and inventive beats make ‘Twin Evil’ a stand-out album in their respective discographies.

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