Rollyn 1000 Click - R-1 Zone

Rollyn 1000 Click – R-1 Zone

January 1, 1998

Download music album R-1 Zone by Rollyn 1000 Click, released in 1998. ℗ 365 Music

Rollyn 1000 Click - R-1 Zone

1 Rollyn 1000 Click Geto Speedway 01:31
2 Rollyn 1000 Click Ill Natured 03:28
3 Rollyn 1000 Click, Talon Relentless 04:12
4 Rollyn 1000 Click Game Tight 04:55
5 Rollyn 1000 Click The Narcotic 01:45
6 Rollyn 1000 Click, The Jackers Dank & Drank 04:32
7 Rollyn 1000 Click, Young Pistol Skanless Bitchez 04:38
8 Rollyn 1000 Click, Agerman, Young Sick No Back Pedallyn 03:51
9 Rollyn 1000 Click Marked For Death 00:53
10 Rollyn 1000 Click Apprehensive Years 04:09
11 Rollyn 1000 Click, Lil “Bo”, Mr. Malice Parlayin 04:55
12 Rollyn 1000 Click, Boo Dogg, First 100 State Of Mind 05:13
13 Rollyn 1000 Click Representin’ 04:56
14 Rollyn 1000 Click R-1 Zone 04:09
15 Rollyn 1000 Click 365 Wayz 03:48

Album info

“R-1 Zone,” released in 1998 under the label 365 Music, is a powerful hip-hop album from Rollyn 1000 Click. Boasting a distinct blend of G-Funk and Gangsta style, this album, pressed by CD Video Manufacturing, serves as a testament to the gritty urban narratives of late 90s hip hop.

The album begins with “Geto Speedway,” a track produced by Elias Baca and Taurus, setting an intense tone for what’s to follow. The second track, “Ill Natured,” is a riveting number produced by Phonk Beta, a US-american HipHop producer from Sacramento.

Further into the album, “Relentless” featuring Talon adds a collaborative edge to the project. The following track, “Game Tight,” introduces vocals from Brown Suga, adding a melodious layer to the rap-dominated album.

“Dank & Drank” features The Jackers, a number produced by Mr. Juan, contributing to the album’s bold Gangsta vibe. Another highlight is “Skanless Bitchez,” a collaborative track with Young Pistol, produced by A.C.

“No Back Pedallyn,” another standout, includes features from Agerman and Young Sick, with the latter also taking on the production of the track. The title track, “R-1 Zone,” produced by Phonk Beta, presents an unflinching commentary on life in the R-1 Zone.

Elias Baca took the reins of A&R for the project, while Talon Miles served as the executive producer. Phyllis Harper and Gregory Harper were co-executive producers, ensuring the album’s raw authenticity. Anthony Cannon contributed significantly to the production of the album, shaping the soundscape of multiple tracks.

The album packaging presents the artistic efforts of E-Moe, Khan @ Serious Art/Fx, contributing to the design, layout, and illustrations. Bill Simpson Mastering mastered the project, guaranteeing sonic consistency and quality throughout.

The performers and main contributors, Boo Dogg and Young Sick, have their lyrical genius etched into the album, making “R-1 Zone” a significant contribution to Gangsta Rap. With its trademark 90s vibe, the album paints a vivid picture of the era’s street life and its influences on hip-hop.

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