Redrum - Livin' Da Life Of A Hustla

Redrum – Livin’ Da Life Of A Hustla

January 1, 1997

Download music album Livin’ Da Life Of A Hustla by Redrum, released in 1997. ℗ Guillotine Records

Redrum - Livin' Da Life Of A Hustla

1 Redrum Intro 00:53
2 Redrum Strickly Fo My Mayo 04:27
3 Redrum Mugs On Mean 04:32
4 Redrum Livin’ Da Life Of A Hustla 03:54
5 Redrum, Skanless M.O.N.E.Y. Breeds Gees 04:24
6 Redrum City Streets 03:47
7 Redrum, Ole Insert 00:58
8 Redrum, Nonfiction Trying To Get A Meal 04:29
9 Redrum, Melly Mel Dial 1 For Murder 05:09
10 Redrum, Gangsta Dre Desert Storm 02:48
11 Redrum, Ole Young & The Restless 04:39
12 Redrum Fallen Soldiers 03:50
13 Redrum Outro 01:40
14 Redrum, Gangsta Dre, Melly Mel Livin’ Da Life Of A Hustla (Remix) 03:53
15 Redrum City Streets (Remix) 03:48

Album info

“Livin’ Da Life Of A Hustla” is a formidable album from Sacramento rapper, Redrum, showcasing the energetic combination of Gangsta Rap and G-Funk styles. The album, initially released in 1997, was later reissued under Guillotine Records. Despite some uncertainty regarding its reissue date, this 15-track album has cemented its place in the annals of Hip Hop history.

The album kick-starts with an intro that leads into “Strickly Fo My Mayo,” an audacious number that sets the stage for the robust narratives to follow. “Mugs On Mean” continues the intensity before segueging into the title track, “Livin’ Da Life Of A Hustla.” This track features uncredited raps by Gangsta Dre and Melle-Mel, adding depth to its storytelling.

“M.O.N.E.Y. Breeds Gees” features Skanless, followed by “City Streets,” a solo track that portrays the struggles and reality of life in the city. Further collaborations include “Trying To Get A Meal” with Nonfiction and “Dial 1 For Murder” with Melly Mel, each track adding a unique dimension to the album.

The project also features two remixes – a reimagined version of the title track, “Livin’ Da Life Of A Hustla,” and a remix of “City Streets.” Both tracks show a different take on the originals, with new layers added to the already compelling narratives.

The album was executive produced by Redrum himself, while the production was shared between Redrum and K.G., ensuring that the music’s hard-hitting essence was preserved. Brian Porter mixed the tracks, providing the final touches to the album, and Graydon Murrell mastered the project, guaranteeing its sonic consistency.

The album was recorded and mixed at Crystal Clear Studio, a testament to the attention to detail given to its production quality. The copyrights are shared between Guillotine Records and Rapamerica Distribution, and despite suspicions about its possible unofficial release, “Livin’ Da Life Of A Hustla” stands tall as a powerful piece of Gangsta Hip Hop history.