Raw Deal… - Underground Funk!!

Raw Deal… – Underground Funk!!

January 1, 1995

Download music album Underground Funk!! by Raw Deal…, released in 1995. ℗ Filthy $Rich$ Records

Raw Deal… - Underground Funk!!

1 Raw Deal… What’s Really Goin’ On 04:19
2 Raw Deal… Nuttin’ 2 Funk Wit 04:18
3 Raw Deal… Thought U Knew 05:04
4 Raw Deal… I Want U More 05:22
5 Raw Deal… Let A Ho Be A Ho 04:31
6 Raw Deal… Good Life 04:10
7 Raw Deal… Beat Down 05:29
8 Raw Deal… Homies 04:29
9 Raw Deal… Life Aint Nuttin’ 04:30
10 Raw Deal… Legs 03:41
11 Raw Deal… Life I Lead 04:32
12 Raw Deal… Jam Afta Jam 03:41

Album info

“Underground Funk!!” is a potent blend of G-Funk and Gangsta Hip Hop styles, released in 1995 by the Sacramento-based rapper Raw Deal, who also goes by the names MCRD and OG Raw Deal. The album was released under the Filthy $Rich$ Records label, a testament to Raw Deal’s unique blend of hard-hitting lyrics and smooth beats.

Kicking off with “What’s Really Goin’ On,” the album launches into Raw Deal’s world where rhythm meets raw truth. The second track, “Nuttin’ 2 Funk Wit,” continues the journey, setting a strong precedent for the tracks that follow. “Thought U Knew” and “I Want U More” deliver a potent one-two punch, showcasing Raw Deal’s lyrical prowess and fluid rap style.

“Let A Ho Be A Ho” is a gritty track that offers a stark commentary, while “Good Life” and “Beat Down” juxtapose each other in a way that highlights the complexity and dynamism of Raw Deal’s style. “Homies” and “Life Aint Nuttin'” further solidify Raw Deal’s place in the Gangsta Hip Hop genre, offering hard-hitting lyrics combined with a smooth rhythm.

The concluding tracks of the album, “Legs,” “Life I Lead,” and “Jam Afta Jam,” maintain the same level of intensity while offering a conclusion that leaves listeners wanting more. With a total running time of 54 minutes and 6 seconds, “Underground Funk!!” is an album that manages to hold its own within the G-Funk and Gangsta styles of Hip Hop.

Raw Deal worked with various producers such as Bumpin “T”, Jay Lincoln, MCRD, and Wayne Miller to create this album, adding their own unique styles into the mix. The album was executive produced by Carlos, Filthy $Rich$, G Money Chaveste, and MCRD. Raw Deal Management managed the production, further ensuring the quality and cohesiveness of the album. The album was glass mastered at Disctronics USA, ensuring a high-quality finish to this notable album.