Possible Suspects - Times Runnin' Out!

Possible Suspects – Times Runnin’ Out!

August 29, 2000

Download music album Times Runnin’ Out! by Possible Suspects, released on August 29, 2000. ℗ Money Grip Records

Possible Suspects - Times Runnin' Out!

1 Possible Suspects Intro 00:57
2 Possible Suspects, Crossfade Get Yo’ Hustle On 04:53
3 Possible Suspects Can U Feel Me 02:59
4 Possible Suspects Do It Right 04:42
5 Possible Suspects Addicted To The Rhyme 03:54
6 Possible Suspects, Havoc Of South Central Cartel Possible Suspects 04:52
7 Possible Suspects Loved Ones 02:14
8 Possible Suspects And It Was On 04:39
9 Possible Suspects Not Ready To Die 04:56
10 Possible Suspects, MC Eiht Yeah That’s Right 03:56
11 Possible Suspects Let It Rain 04:08
12 Possible Suspects All Day All Night 04:36
13 Possible Suspects Wait For No Man 05:05
14 Possible Suspects Ain’t No Thang 03:37
15 Possible Suspects Outro Shout Outs 02:46

Album info

In 2000, the group Possible Suspects reissued their album “Times Runnin’ Out!” under Money Grip Records, offering a fresh take on the original release with some differences in the tracklist and additional tracks. The album is a compelling mix of Gangsta and G-Funk styles, showcasing the group’s versatility and solid grounding in the hip-hop genre.

The album opens with an “Intro” that sets the tone for what’s to come. “Get Yo’ Hustle On” featuring Crossfade, dives straight into the group’s ethos of hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity, a recurrent theme in the album.

“Can U Feel Me” and “Do It Right” continue to build on the album’s narrative, mixing smooth G-Funk rhythms with insightful lyrics about life on the streets. “Addicted To The Rhyme” is a testament to the group’s dedication to their craft, while the title track “Possible Suspects,” featuring Havoc Of South Central Cartel, reinforces their strong presence in the hip-hop scene.

“Loved Ones” offers a more introspective look at personal relationships, a contrast to the tougher themes of earlier tracks. “And It Was On” and “Not Ready To Die” delve deeper into the struggles and uncertainties of street life, reflecting a sense of urgency and resilience.

“Yeah That’s Right,” featuring the well-known MC Eiht, stands out as a highlight, showcasing a powerful collaboration. “Let It Rain” and “All Day All Night” continue the narrative with compelling storytelling and engaging beats.

“Wait For No Man” and “Ain’t No Thang” further display the group’s lyrical dexterity and ability to create catchy hooks. The album closes with “Outro Shout Outs,” where the group pays homage to their supporters and collaborators.

Throughout the album, Possible Suspects demonstrate a keen ability to blend hard-hitting lyrics with smooth, melodic beats, a hallmark of the G-Funk style. The production, handled by Chris Gunn, is top-notch, providing a cohesive sound that ties the album together.

“Times Runnin’ Out!” is not just an album; it’s a narrative of survival, hustle, and the realities of street life, delivered through a blend of gritty lyrics and laid-back beats. It’s a significant work in the annals of Gangsta and G-Funk hip-hop, showcasing Possible Suspects’ unique voice in the genre.