Phantom - Certifyde

Phantom – Certifyde

Download music album Certifyde by Phantom, released on June 20, 2000. ℗ Certifyde Entertainment

Phantom - Certifyde

1 Phantom Intro 01:55
2 Phantom Keep Moving 04:21
3 Phantom, Triple Beam Certifyde Ballerz 04:38
4 Phantom Stay Fokused 05:06
5 Phantom Can’t Go Back 04:05
6 Phantom, Mr. Doctor, Odysea Have At Em 04:01
7 Phantom, Triple Beam Chasin Tha Life 05:13
8 Phantom In My Defense 04:33
9 Phantom Never Play 04:53
10 Phantom, Young Droop Thicker Than Mudd 05:13
11 Phantom Losing Sleep 03:50
12 Phantom, Triple Beam Drama 03:29
13 Phantom Phantasy 05:18
14 Phantom, Junebug Slim Schemez & Plotz 03:35
15 Phantom, Triple Beam Floss Wit Caution 04:13
16 Phantom Outro 02:10

Album info

“Certifyde” is a prominent Hip Hop album released in 2000 by the artist Phantom, also known under the alias Yola Fx, a distinguished gangsta rapper originating from Sacramento, California. The album, produced by Certifyde Entertainment, combines elements of Thug Rap and Gangsta style, forming a deep, profound connection with the listener and casting a new light on the genre.

The album kicks off with an “Intro,” laying down the stage for Phantom’s powerful lyrics and expressive beats. It flows into “Keep Moving” and “Certifyde Ballerz,” the latter being a collaboration with Triple Beam, demonstrating Phantom’s knack for creating energizing rhythms.

“Stay Fokused” and “Can’t Go Back” serve as potent reminders of Phantom’s unyielding determination and resilience, embodied through his candid lyrics. The tracks “Have At Em” featuring Mr. Doctor and Odysea, and “Chasin Tha Life” with Triple Beam, provide a unique blend of voices that complement and enhance Phantom’s distinctive rap style.

“In My Defense” and “Never Play” are expressive tracks that combine engaging narratives with potent beats. The song “Thicker Than Mudd” features Young Droop, resulting in a synergy that heightens the song’s vibe.

Tracks like “Losing Sleep” and “Drama,” which features Triple Beam once again, showcase Phantom’s ability to express raw emotion and relate authentic experiences through his music. “Phantasy” offers an interesting change of pace, while “Schemez & Plotz” with Junebug Slim adds another layer of complexity to the album.

The second last track, “Floss Wit Caution,” featuring Triple Beam, is an engaging listen, infusing the album with a refreshing energy before it culminates with the “Outro,” leaving listeners with a lingering sense of Phantom’s hard-hitting rap style.

“Certifyde” stands as a testament to Phantom’s creative prowess and unique talent in the world of Hip Hop. His raw storytelling skill, paired with the diverse blend of thug rap and gangsta elements, showcases Phantom’s authenticity and elevates the album to a timeless classic.

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