Odysea - Mr. Doctor Presents Odysea

Odysea – Mr. Doctor Presents Odysea

May 30, 2000

Download music album Mr. Doctor Presents Odysea by Odysea, released on May 30, 2000. ℗ Odysea Music

Odysea - Mr. Doctor Presents Odysea

1 Odysea In Tha Trunk (Intro) 00:55
2 Odysea Everywhere I Go 04:00
3 Odysea, Big Q, Mr. Doctor Instinct 04:12
4 Odysea, Mr. Doctor Fuckin’ Up 05:27
5 Odysea, Mr. Doctor Controversy 04:53
6 Odysea, Big Q Odysea Tha Gang 04:53
7 Odysea On Point (Loco Side 2) 03:48
8 Odysea, Triple Beam Odysea On Greyhound 04:09
9 Odysea My Roots 05:05
10 Odysea, Mr. Doctor Mo’ Money 03:53
11 Odysea, Taydatay What Would You Do? 05:17
12 Odysea Callin’ Home [Insert] 00:36
13 Odysea, Mr. Doctor I Apologize 04:08
14 Odysea Still In Tha Trunk [Insert] 00:50
15 Odysea, Triple Beam Feels So Good 05:05
16 Odysea, Mr. Doctor Can’t Stop Lovin’ Me 05:40
17 Odysea, Mr. Doctor It’s Like That 04:02
18 Odysea Odysea Out (Outro) 00:30

Album info

“Mr. Doctor Presents Odysea” released in 2000 under Odysea Music, represents a culmination of creative efforts by the rap group Odysea, comprised of Big Q, Foe Loco, and Mr. Doctor. This album manifests a blend of Thug Rap and Gangsta Hip Hop styles, bearing the unmistakable influence of its constituent members.

Kicking off with the intense “In Tha Trunk (Intro)”, the group establishes a compelling rhythm and tone that extends throughout the album. The subsequent track, “Everywhere I Go”, carries forward this momentum, further amplifying the group’s musical prowess.

“Instinct” marks the first collaborative track, featuring Big Q and Mr. Doctor, displaying the collective dynamism of Odysea. Big Q also features in “Odysea Tha Gang”, another track that underscores the group’s raw energy and narrative capability.

The tracks “Fuckin’ Up”, “Controversy”, “Mo’ Money”, “I Apologize”, “Can’t Stop Lovin’ Me”, and “It’s Like That” all feature Mr. Doctor, serving to highlight his artistic versatility within the group. Meanwhile, “Odysea On Greyhound” and “Feels So Good”, both featuring Triple Beam, exhibit the group’s ability to creatively collaborate with other artists while maintaining their unique stylistic imprint.

The concluding track, “Odysea Out (Outro)”, is a fitting end to the musical journey, rounding off an album that not only stands as a testament to the collective creativity of Big Q, Foe Loco, and Mr. Doctor, but also reinforces Odysea’s place within the Hip Hop genre.

“Mr. Doctor Presents Odysea” is an album that encapsulates the group’s dynamic energy, diverse stylistic influences, and lyrical proficiency, marking a significant moment in the careers of Big Q, Foe Loco, and Mr. Doctor as a collective unit.

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