N'Land Clique - I.E. Riders

N’Land Clique – I.E. Riders

Download music album I.E. Riders by N’Land Clique, released in 1999. ℗ N’Land Records / Brown Market Records / Familia Records

N'Land Clique - I.E. Riders

1 N’Land Clique Mexicanos In The Carro 03:18
2 N’Land Clique The World Is A Ghetto 03:50
3 N’Land Clique Everyday Kick It 03:49
4 N’Land Clique Spark The Yeska 03:37
5 N’Land Clique After Hours (Remix) 04:32
6 N’Land Clique San Berdoo 03:12
7 N’Land Clique Wicked Ass Mission 03:39
8 N’Land Clique Fresh Outta County 04:07
9 N’Land Clique Bury You Next To Butch 02:11
10 N’Land Clique After Hours At My Pad 03:56
11 N’Land Clique Funk For Your Trunk 03:59

Album info

In 1999, N’Land Clique, a group deeply rooted in the gangsta rap scene, released their album “I.E. Riders” under N’Land Records, Brown Market Records, and Familia Records. The album is a raw and authentic exploration of life in the inner city, delivering hard-hitting lyrics over gritty beats, characteristic of the gangsta rap genre.

The album opens with “Mexicanos In The Carro,” a track that sets the tone for the album with its hard-edged sound and street narratives. This is followed by “The World Is A Ghetto,” which delves deeper into the themes of urban struggle and resilience.

“Everyday Kick It” keeps up the momentum with its rhythmic flow, while “Spark The Yesca” offers a glimpse into the daily life and culture of the streets. “After Hours (Remix)” provides a fresh take on an earlier track, adding depth and variation to the album’s soundscape.

With “San Berdoo,” the group pays homage to their roots, showcasing their connection to their community. “Wicked Ass Mission” continues to narrate street tales, followed by “Fresh Outta Countie,” which speaks to the realities of incarceration and its aftermath.

“Bury You Next To Butch” is a shorter, more intense track, bringing a sense of urgency and raw emotion to the album. “After Hours At My Pad” switches the vibe, presenting a more relaxed, yet still edgy narrative.

“Funk For Your Trunk” closes the album, leaving listeners with a lasting impression of the group’s unique style and lyrical prowess.

“I.E. Riders” is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a window into the experiences and perspectives of N’Land Clique. The album’s production, led by Raided-X, complements the group’s lyrical content, creating a cohesive and immersive listening experience. The cover art, illustrated by Mark Vasquez, captures the essence of the album, visually representing the gritty and raw nature of the music within.

Overall, “I.E. Riders” is a standout release in the gangsta rap genre, offering an unfiltered look at street life through the eyes of N’Land Clique. The album’s authentic storytelling and solid production make it a must-listen for fans of the genre.

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