MVP - CaliKingz

MVP – CaliKingz

Download music album CaliKingz by MVP, released on April 3, 2001. ℗ BMG U.S. Latin / Aries Music Entertainment

MVP - CaliKingz

1 MVP Intro 00:21
2 MVP Vibe To This 05:31
3 MVP El Gallo Negro 04:17
4 MVP, Kage Tip Toe 05:06
5 MVP Come Up 04:57
6 MVP Summer In Da City 03:53
7 MVP Kickin’ It 03:48
8 MVP I See You 03:59
9 MVP Iz It The Muzic? 04:20
10 MVP, Junebug Slim Shinin’ Star 04:49
11 MVP Lay You Down 04:44
12 MVP I Try (E Funk Solo) 03:32
13 MVP Hustle 04:18
14 MVP Represent 04:13

Album info

“CaliKingz” is a vibrant album by Latin rap group MVP, hailing from Sacramento, CA. Released in 2001 under the labels BMG U.S. Latin and Aries Music Entertainment, the album weaves a rich tapestry of Hip Hop stylings, with a distinct leaning toward G-Funk. MVP’s members—Bubba C, E Funk, Lil’ D, and DJ Iceman—each bring their unique flair to the project, collectively forming a striking musical synergy.

The album begins with an “Intro” track, leading the listeners into the diverse world of “CaliKingz.” It’s followed by “Vibe To This,” embodying the laid-back, groove-oriented vibe of West Coast G-Funk. The third track, “El Gallo Negro,” shares its name with one of the group’s previous self-released albums, possibly hinting at an homage to their earlier work.

As the album progresses, MVP continues to exhibit their artistic range, with songs like “Tip Toe,” featuring Kage, and “Shinin’ Star,” featuring Junebug Slim, enhancing the collaborative dimension of the record. The album’s fourteenth track, “Represent,” serves as a powerful closing statement, reinforcing the group’s musical identity and their connection to the West Coast’s music scene.

The album was predominantly produced by Deryck D, except for the track “I Try (E Funk Solo)” which was crafted by Deano Cooper. The consistent vision of these producers ensures a cohesive sound throughout the album.

Artwork and executive production were handled by Junebug Slim, adding a unique visual complement to the album’s sonic narrative. The design work by Esteban Ignatczyk further contributes to the album’s overall presentation.

Recorded at Edible Sounds, the album exudes a polished and expertly crafted sound. The copyrights are held by Aries Music Entertainment Inc., and the album’s distribution was managed by BMG Distribution.

“CaliKingz” reflects the group’s evolution since their previous self-released album “El Gallo Negro” in 2000. It encapsulates MVP’s growth as artists, their contribution to Latin rap, and their unique fusion of G-Funk within the genre. It’s an essential addition to the discography of MVP and a vivid snapshot of their musical journey at the time.

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