Munchie - Prepare Yourself

Munchie – Prepare Yourself

January 1, 1998

Download music album Prepare Yourself by Munchie, released in 1998. ℗ Cushite Records

Munchie - Prepare Yourself

1 Munchie Holy War 06:44
2 Munchie Til I Die 04:14
3 Munchie Battle Cries 03:13
4 Munchie, Banard Laru, Larry Laru When I Cry 05:23
5 Munchie, Rachel Still Dreaming 04:09
6 Munchie, Robin Birchfield Internal Pain 05:30

Album info

“Prepare Yourself” is an EP by Munchie, also known as Andre Craver, released under Cushite Records. While the copyright dates list the year 1998, it appears that this pressing didn’t circulate until the late 2000s. It demonstrates Munchie’s proficiency in the Hip Hop genre with a special tilt towards Gangsta and G-Funk styles.

This six-track EP commences with “Holy War,” a track of 6:43 duration that sets a tone for the rest of the EP. It’s followed by “Til I Die,” a track that showcases Munchie’s lyrical prowess and the depth of his musical storytelling.

“Battle Cries,” the third track, stands out as it is produced by Munchie himself, serving as a testament to his multifaceted abilities in the music industry. The EP then progresses to “When I Cry,” which features Banard Laru and Larry Laru, extending the collaborative dimension of the record.

The fifth track, “Still Dreaming,” takes an intriguing twist with a feature from Rachel, who also contributes to the songwriting. The song is distinctively produced by Leo Bennitt, providing a unique sonic experience within the EP.

Concluding the journey, “Internal Pain” features Robin Birchfield, both on the vocal and the writing front. The somber and introspective tone of this song leaves a lasting impression, marking a fitting close to the EP.

Munchie serves as the executive producer and primary writer for this EP, highlighting his creative control over the project. However, Mark Hatchfield’s contribution as the producer for the majority of the tracks cannot be overlooked. This collaborative effort between the artist and the producer has led to a cohesive and compelling EP.

The recordings and mixes for the EP took place at three different studios: Pro Media Sound Studios, Hip Hop Studios, and Live Wire Studios, facilitating a varied and vibrant sonic backdrop. The cover design was handled by Jeremy Scott, contributing to the visual appeal and overall presentation of the EP.

“Prepare Yourself” serves as an integral part of Munchie’s discography, demonstrating his musical evolution since his first release, “North Highlands California.” With its rich lyrical content and the artist’s evident growth, this EP is a pivotal chapter in Munchie’s journey as a Hip Hop artist.

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