Msane - R.I.P. Till We Meet

Msane – R.I.P. Till We Meet

September 30, 1995

Download music album R.I.P. Till We Meet by Msane, released on September 30, 1995. ℗ Last Rights Records

Msane - R.I.P. Till We Meet

1 Msane, Young Joker Intro 03:44
2 Msane, First Degree Just Another Day 00:45
3 Msane, First Degree Rollin’ Wit Da Homies 04:07
4 Msane, Bukc Shot Do Or Die 04:57
5 Msane R.I.P. Till We Meet Again 05:09
6 Msane, Stone Buck Buck Sickness 04:40
  7 Msane Barney  
8 Msane Mind Of A Psycho 04:35
9 Msane, Bukc Shot, First Degree City Of G’s 03:57
10 Msane, Lee C., Terrance D. Fuck A Fools Life 04:32
11 Msane Heaven Or Hell 01:07
12 Msane Outtro 03:47
13 Msane, Bukc Shot Da E-Clips 04:04

Album info

“R.I.P. Till We Meet” is an engaging hip-hop album by Msane, released in 1995 under the Last Rights Records label. As a representation of the Gangsta style of hip-hop, this album provides a raw and authentic look into Msane’s musical prowess and storytelling ability.

The album is distinctively split into two sides – the “Blunt Side” and the “Drunk Side.” This creative division not only provides a unique character to the album but also offers listeners two different thematic experiences. The “Blunt Side” starts with an “Intro” featuring Young Joker and seamlessly transitions into tracks like “Just Another Day” and “Rollin’ Wit Da Homies,” featuring First Degree. The memorable “Do or Die” features Bukc Shot, while the title track “R.I.P. Till We Meet Again” stands alone in its intensity. The final track on the Blunt Side, “Buck Buck Sickness,” features Stone, wrapping up the first half of the album.

Switching gears, the “Drunk Side” opens with the track “Barney” and quickly escalates with “Mind Of A Psycho.” The energy continues with “City Of G’s,” featuring Bukc Shot and First Degree, adding a collaborative element to the mix. “Fuck A Fools Life” adds further diversity with contributions from Lee C. and Terrance D., while “Heaven Or Hell” offers a contemplative tone. The “Outtro” and “Da E-Clips” featuring Bukc Shot bring the album to a close, leaving listeners with a lasting impression of the artist’s distinct style and lyrical prowess.

The production of “R.I.P. Till We Meet” is a collaborative effort, with Brent “The Scientist” Stanford, Jeff Dixon, Msane, and Stone contributing to different tracks. Their varied production skills add a nuanced sonic texture to the album, keeping the sound fresh and engaging throughout.

Executive producers Joe Di Maggio and co-executive Dalven P. ensure a coherent vision for the album, while the design and graphics by Phunky Phat Graph-X add a visual appeal. The photography by J. Lawrence further enhances the album’s presentation. Additionally, Markie Mark’s lead guitar work contributes a unique element to the overall sound of the album.

“R.I.P. Till We Meet” was manufactured and distributed by Clientele Records and pressed by Disctronics USA. The commitment to high-quality production and manufacturing is evident in the finished product, ensuring a top-notch listening experience for fans of the genre.

In summary, “R.I.P. Till We Meet” is a standout album from Msane that showcases his skill in the Gangsta style of hip-hop. From its unique track division to its diverse list of features and producers, this album stands as a testament to Msane’s talent and creativity. Its raw authenticity and engaging narrative make it an album worth revisiting time and time again.