Mr. Doctor - Setripn' Bloccstyle

Mr. Doctor – Setripn’ Bloccstyle

November 21, 1995

Download music album Setripn’ Bloccstyle by Mr. Doctor, released on November 21, 1995. ℗ Black Market Records

Mr. Doctor - Setripn' Bloccstyle

1 Mr. Doctor Setripn’ 00:40
2 Mr. Doctor, Brotha Lynch Hung Bloccstyle 04:37
3 Mr. Doctor Plot Murder 00:33
4 Mr. Doctor Fill ‘Em Up 03:06
5 Mr. Doctor, Babe Reg, Brotha Lynch Hung Fucc Yo Side 02:41
6 Mr. Doctor Rollin’ Wit GBC 02:02
7 Mr. Doctor It’s All Da Way On 00:31
8 Mr. Doctor, Brotha Lynch Hung Killa Cap Pilla 04:47
9 Mr. Doctor No Bitch 05:15
10 Mr. Doctor Misty Blue Tribute 00:41
11 Mr. Doctor, Brotha Lynch Hung, Foe Loco 40 Oz & Chronic Dice 03:42
12 Mr. Doctor She Fucc Everybody 01:07
13 Mr. Doctor, Brotha Lynch Hung Treat ‘Em Like Hoez 04:57
14 Mr. Doctor, Brotha Lynch Hung Da Real Deal 04:52
15 Mr. Doctor, DJ Kat, Loki Largest Way 2 Represent 03:46
16 Mr. Doctor 5000 “C’z” 01:32

Album info

“Setripn’ Bloccstyle” is a potent album by Mr. Doctor, released under Black Market Records on November 21, 1995. Set in the backdrop of the American Gangsta Hip Hop style, the album is a fascinating ride into the mind of Mr. Doctor, characterized by its raw, gritty, and intense lyrical content and deftly layered production.

The album initiates with “Setripn’,” a concise track that perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the album. The follow-up “Bloccstyle,” featuring Brotha Lynch Hung, is a standout, setting an unforgettable mark early in the tracklist. The third track, “Plot Murder,” is a chilling and gripping interlude that brilliantly transitions into “Fill ‘Em Up.”

“Fucc Yo Side,” the fifth track, carries an aggressive and defiant tone, with features from Babe Reg and Brotha Lynch Hung that complement Mr. Doctor’s style. “Rollin’ Wit GBC” continues the narrative, followed by the interlude “It’s All Da Way On.”

“Killa Cap Pilla,” with spoken words from Brotha Lynch Hung, infuses the album with a fresh intensity. The subsequent track “No Bitch,” produced by Marcellous “Baloo” Perkins, provides a contrasting sonic backdrop to the rest of the album primarily produced by Brotha Lynch Hung.

“Misty Blue Tribute” serves as a musical intermission before the album plunges into “40 Oz & Chronic Dice,” featuring Brotha Lynch Hung and Foe Loco. Tracks such as “She Fucc Everybody” and “Treat ‘Em Like Hoez,” again featuring Brotha Lynch Hung, continue to build on the album’s unapologetically raw and expressive narrative.

“Da Real Deal,” also featuring Brotha Lynch Hung, and “Largest Way 2 Represent,” featuring DJ Kat and Loki, uphold the album’s consistent energy. The final track, “5000 “C’z”,” is an impactful conclusion to an album that fearlessly explores the facets of Gangsta Hip Hop.

Holding the copyright and phonographic copyright, Black Market Records played a pivotal role in ensuring the authenticity and impact of the album. Priority Records, Inc., responsible for the album’s manufacturing and distribution, ensured that “Setripn’ Bloccstyle” reached the audience it deserved.

The executive production from Cedric Singleton and R. Lacy, combined with Leslie Debbs’ role as A&R, helped shape the album into a cohesive and compelling narrative. The artwork and photography by Cedsing contribute to the album’s unique visual identity that matches the hard-hitting content within.

The majority of the album’s tracks were produced by Brotha Lynch Hung, whose signature touch helped cement “Setripn’ Bloccstyle” as a landmark in its genre. With effective management by Art B., this album serves as a testament to Mr. Doctor’s talent and the continued relevance of Gangsta Hip Hop.

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