Mic-C - Candy Land

Mic-C – Candy Land

October 12, 1999

Download music album Candy Land by Mic-C, released on October 12, 1999. ℗ High Side Records

Mic-C - Candy Land

1 Mic-C Candyland 04:39
2 Mic-C Nonbelievers 03:34
3 Mic-C One More Day 04:15
4 Mic-C, Hollowtip, Young Ridah Too Much Stress 04:30
5 Mic-C Nasty Nights 04:52
6 Mic-C Money Talks 03:26
7 Mic-C, J-Mack Die Hard 04:09
8 Mic-C Don’t Take This Lightly 04:11
9 Mic-C, Ballin’ A$$ Dame Can You Handle 04:20
10 Mic-C, Hollowtip Ghetto Politics 04:12
11 Mic-C, Hollowtip, J-Mack, Kappone Northside Ridahs 03:02
12 Mic-C Game Over 03:36
13 Mic-C, Slim Loc 1, Lunaticc I Don’t Stop 04:24

Album info

“Candy Land” is a seminal album by Mic-C, released under High Side Records in 1999. The album is a hallmark of the Gangsta hip-hop style, popular during the late 90s. From its vibrant tracklist to its roster of talented producers, “Candy Land” showcases Mic-C’s distinctive blend of powerful narratives, catchy hooks, and raw, street-smart lyricism.

The album commences with its title track “Candyland,” produced by Phonk Beta, setting a robust and attention-grabbing tone for the tracks to follow. “Nonbelievers,” the second track, benefits from the expertise of producer H-Wood, effectively building upon the thematic elements established in the opening track.

“One More Day” is a standout third track, crafted under the production of Way Deep. This is followed by “Too Much Stress,” which features rappers Hollowtip and Young Ridah. The song’s robust narrative is supported by Droop’s expert production skills, making it a highlight of the album.

“Nasty Nights,” the fifth track, sees Griff at the helm of production. The subsequent track, “Money Talks,” introduces the sound of Strait Mackin’ Entertainment to the album’s production lineup. “Die Hard,” the seventh track, features J-Mack and sees the return of Way Deep as the producer.

“Don’t Take This Lightly” and “Can You Handle” are up next, with the former produced by Hollis and the latter reintroducing Griff as the producer and featuring Ballin’ A$$ Dame. “Ghetto Politics,” the tenth track, once again brings Hollowtip to the microphone, with Droop returning to produce the track.

“Northside Ridahs,” an undeniable album standout, enlists the help of Hollowtip, J-Mack, and Kappone, with production from Gangsta Dre The Chosen 1. The penultimate track, “Game Over,” brings back H-Wood as the producer, maintaining the album’s consistent sonic integrity.

The album concludes with “I Don’t Stop,” a track that sees Mic-C not only as the rapper but also as the producer, alongside featured rappers Slim Loc 1 and Lunaticc. This final track encapsulates the energy and hard-hitting narrative of the album, effectively wrapping up the “Candy Land” journey.

The album’s production, marked by High Side Records’ copyright and phonographic copyright, is a testament to the label’s commitment to preserving the authentic essence of the Gangsta style. The album’s flawless pressing was executed by Cinram, ensuring the highest quality audio experience.

“Candy Land” was guided by the vision of executive producers Big Spend and Dame, who managed to harmoniously blend an array of contributing artists and producers. The result is an album that not only embodies the spirit of its genre but also pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved within it. This comprehensive exploration of Gangsta hip-hop has solidified “Candy Land” as an enduring staple in the genre’s discography.

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