MC2 & JDog - Killers And Dealers In Violent Areas

MC2 & JDog – Killers And Dealers In Violent Areas

July 27, 1999

Download music album Killers And Dealers In Violent Areas by MC2 & JDog, released on July 27, 1999. ℗ Double Action Records

MC2 & JDog - Killers And Dealers In Violent Areas

1 MC2 & JDog, Brotha Lynch Hung, Mr. Doctor Smoker’s Club 04:28
2 MC2 & JDog Shoot To Kill 03:41
3 MC2 & JDog, B.G. Wax 2 Tha Head 04:07
4 MC2 & JDog Dead In A Week 05:07
5 MC2 & JDog Flipped Dedicated To Double Action, Currently In Federal Prison 1994-? 05:34
6 MC2 & JDog Bad Guy 04:17
7 MC2 & JDog I Ain’t That One 04:54
8 MC2 & JDog Nowadayz 03:49
9 MC2 & JDog Can’t F*ck With Us 03:18
10 MC2 & JDog, Kreep Mission 04:44
11 MC2 & JDog Maintain 03:55
12 MC2 & JDog Final Verse / Tight Ass G’s 12:39

Album info

“Killers and Dealers in Violent Areas” is a milestone album in the world of gangsta hip hop and G-funk. Released in 1999 under the label Double Action Records, the album represents a crucial collaboration between MC2 and JDog. Despite being recorded in 1994-95, the album’s release was postponed until 1999 due to the incarceration of executive producer Randy “Double Action” Lacy, a circumstance reflected in the album’s fifth track.

Opening the album is “Smoker’s Club,” which features renowned rappers Brotha Lynch Hung and Mr. Doctor. Brotha Lynch Hung also doubles as the co-producer for this track, along with “Shoot To Kill” and “Maintain,” bringing his distinctive touch to the album’s soundscape. “Shoot To Kill” continues the intense, gritty narrative set by the opening track.

The third track, “2 Tha Head,” introduces a collaboration with B.G. Wax, adding a new vocal element to the album. The subsequent tracks, “Dead In A Week” and “Flipped Dedicated To Double Action, Currently In Federal Prison 1994-?,” offer a raw and authentic narrative, the latter track explicitly referencing the album’s unique backstory.

“Bad Guy” and “I Ain’t That One” follow, pushing forward the hard-hitting narrative and further establishing the album’s thematic atmosphere. The eighth track, “Nowadayz,” gives listeners a time-out with its slightly shorter runtime, but maintains the album’s relentless pace.

“Can’t F*ck With Us” then sets the stage for the album’s home stretch, followed by “Mission,” a track that introduces another collaboration, this time with Kreep. This leading edge of the album culminates with “Maintain,” a track with a powerful message.

The album concludes with a two-part twelfth track. “Final Verse,” with a runtime of almost eight minutes, takes listeners on an extensive lyrical journey before leading into the unlisted “Tight Ass G’s.” This hidden track wraps up the album with one last surge of the assertive lyrical delivery and hard-hitting beats that characterize the album.

Production across the album was helmed by Flip, while engineering duties were handled by Darin Keatley. The album was recorded at Enharmonik Studios and mastered at The Labyrinth. Carlos Maldonaldo managed the project, ensuring seamless integration between the various aspects of the album’s production.

Artwork, design, and layout for the album were provided by Pen & Pixel Graphics, Inc., well-known for their distinctive aesthetic in the 90s hip-hop scene.

“Killers and Dealers in Violent Areas” is more than just a hip hop album; it is a testament to resilience and a time capsule from a unique period in the genre’s history. Despite its delayed release, the album successfully captures the energy and spirit of the mid-90s G-Funk scene, making it a prized possession for fans and collectors.