Maxamillion - The Man Next Door

Maxamillion – The Man Next Door

January 1, 2001

Download music album The Man Next Door by Maxamillion, released in 2001. ℗ Hustle Hard Productions

Maxamillion - The Man Next Door

1 Maxamillion Graveyard Boogie 02:05
2 Maxamillion, Eklips Ride With Me 03:46
3 Maxamillion Street Life 04:21
4 Maxamillion, GP, To Double D Got To Find A Way 04:03
5 Maxamillion, Big Man M-T-H 04:08
6 Maxamillion, Mally Mall, O.G. Bumpy Hustle Hard Production 03:41
7 Maxamillion, Pook, Shotgun, Skee 64 Learn About It 04:29
8 Maxamillion, Mally Mall Knock Knock 02:46
9 Maxamillion, Eklips North South 04:18
10 Maxamillion, A. Cunningham, Ramon The Man Next Door 03:47
11 Maxamillion, Lil Spade Love Don’t Live Here 05:07
12 Maxamillion Let Me Be The One 05:06
13 Maxamillion Kissing You 04:26
14 Maxamillion Call You Up 04:37
15 Maxamillion, Ramon Mob Love 04:21
16 Maxamillion, Phiya, Ramon Seperated 05:50
17 Maxamillion Distant Lover 05:02

Album info

Released in 2001 under Hustle Hard Productions, “The Man Next Door” is an influential Hip Hop album by the artist Maxamillion. The album constitutes a significant mark on Maxamillion’s discography and showcases his prowess in the Hip Hop genre.

The album launches with “Graveyard Boogie,” setting the stage for Maxamillion’s distinctive rap style and rhythmic abilities. The subsequent track, “Ride With Me,” features Eklips, introducing a collaborative element to the album early on. Maxamillion’s sharp lyricism in describing the ‘Street Life’ in the third track provides a gritty reality check, further enhancing the authenticity of the album.

The fourth track, “Got To Find A Way,” continues the collaborative streak with features from GP and To Double D. This is followed by “M-T-H,” which sees Big Man offering his unique style to the mix, creating a blend of contrasting yet complementary Hip Hop flavors.

“Hustle Hard Production,” featuring Mally Mall and O.G. Bumpy, stands as an homage to the label under which the album was released. Track seven, “Learn About It,” ups the ante with features from Pook, Shotgun, and Skee 64, providing an ensemble performance that emphasizes the diverse talent on the album.

The middle of the album brings “Knock Knock” with Mally Mall returning for a feature and KG credited as the producer, followed by “North South,” which showcases the return of Eklips. The titular track, “The Man Next Door,” is particularly notable for featuring A. Cunningham and Ramon, with production by Big Hollis. This song solidifies the album’s overarching themes, setting it apart in Maxamillion’s repertoire.

The following tracks, “Love Don’t Live Here” featuring Lil Spade, and “Let Me Be The One,” continue to engage listeners with Maxamillion’s compelling narrative style and distinct Hip Hop beats. “Kissing You” and “Call You Up” serve as more introspective entries in the album, demonstrating the breadth of Maxamillion’s thematic exploration.

“Mob Love” features a returning Ramon, adding another layer of dynamism to the album’s latter half. The next track, “Seperated,” features Phiya and Ramon, emphasizing the collaborative nature of the project. The album’s final track, “Distant Lover,” stands out with its production by Marcell, providing a strong ending to the album.

Production for the rest of the album is primarily handled by Maxamillion himself, further emphasizing his multi-faceted talent within the industry. Additional production credits go to M&M on tracks 6 and 15, highlighting the diverse soundscape of the album.

“The Man Next Door” is a testament to Maxamillion’s mastery of Hip Hop and his ability to collaborate effectively with a wide range of artists and producers. His storytelling and rhythmic prowess, combined with the high production value of the album, ensures that it remains a standout piece in the early 2000s Hip Hop scene.