Marv/Mitch & LeMay - Livin In Tha Strange

Marv/Mitch & LeMay – Livin In Tha Strange

March 12, 1996

Download music album Livin In Tha Strange by Marv/Mitch & LeMay, released on March 12, 1996. ℗ Out Tha Drout

Marv/Mitch & LeMay - Livin In Tha Strange

1 Marv/Mitch & LeMay Intro Drive By 00:36
2 Marv/Mitch & LeMay Intro 02:36
3 Marv/Mitch & LeMay Livin-N-Tha Strange 04:03
4 Marv/Mitch & LeMay If U Not Tru-2-This Game 05:28
5 Marv/Mitch & LeMay Situation Sticky 05:37
6 Marv/Mitch & LeMay Last Day’s 05:05
7 Marv/Mitch & LeMay, J.D.K., Rup Dog, Sly-G Tha Family 06:06
8 Marv/Mitch & LeMay Skits’O 06:08
9 Marv/Mitch & LeMay Devilish Scheme 05:06
10 Marv/Mitch & LeMay, Ace, A.K. 47 Maintain-N-Tha Strange 04:20
11 Marv/Mitch & LeMay Vision The Real 05:55
12 Marv/Mitch & LeMay, C-Bo Rillas In Tha Game 04:35
13 Marv/Mitch & LeMay Pay Back 00:34
14 Marv/Mitch & LeMay Outro 07:36

Album info

“Livin In Tha Strange” is a compelling Gangsta and G-Funk style Hip Hop album by the duo Marv/Mitch & LeMay, released in 1996 under the Out Tha Drout label. The album showcases the duo’s unique lyrical talents and their ability to craft gritty narratives, all backed by a unique mix of G-Funk and gangsta elements.

The album kicks off with “Intro Drive By,” a brief but intriguing track that sets the stage for the stories to come. This flows into a more expansive “Intro,” which further establishes the thematic landscape of the album. The title track, “Livin-N-Tha Strange,” offers the first taste of the duo’s unique blend of gangsta narratives and funky beats, a trend that continues throughout the album.

Songs like “If U Not Tru-2-This Game” and “Situation Sticky” explore the realities of street life, while “Last Day’s” delivers a somber introspection. The seventh track, “Tha Family,” features vocals from J.D.K., Rup Dog, and Sly-G, adding a familial essence that resonates within the gangsta lifestyle.

“Skits’O” and “Devilish Scheme” continue the duo’s gritty storytelling, while “Maintain-N-Tha Strange” featuring vocals by Ace and A.K. 47 further expand on the album’s theme. “Vision The Real” provides a reflective moment, leading into “Rillas In Tha Game,” featuring C-Bo and produced by Mike Mosley.

The album concludes with “Pay Back” and a lengthy “Outro,” which provides a fitting conclusion to the musical journey that Marv/Mitch & LeMay have crafted.

Throughout “Livin In Tha Strange,” the duo of Marv/Mitch & LeMay demonstrate a strong understanding of gangsta and G-Funk aesthetics. Their ability to weave intricate narratives, coupled with their distinctive lyrical styles, creates a captivating listening experience. The guest vocals and additional production work help to enrich the soundscape of the album, providing varied sonic textures that maintain listener engagement.

The album’s production, primarily handled by K.G., effectively captures the gangsta and G-Funk vibes, with executive producer Keith Powers overseeing the project. Additional contributions come from Robert Foster as Chief Administrator, Kenneth “Skeet” Evans handling marketing and advertisement, Leslie Debbs as the promotional director, and Timothy E. Shells Sr. taking care of artist relations.

The design and photography by Samoht Design and Thomas Gonzales create a fitting visual complement to the album’s sonic landscape, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the project.

In conclusion, “Livin In Tha Strange” is a distinctive offering within the Gangsta and G-Funk genres. Its gritty narratives, engaging production, and compelling performances by Marv/Mitch & LeMay make it an album that fans of this genre will find intriguing.