M.A.K. - Make A Killin

M.A.K. – Make A Killin

January 1, 2000

Download music album Make A Killin by M.A.K., released in 2000. ℗ California Entertainment

M.A.K. - Make A Killin

1 M.A.K. Intro 02:08
2 M.A.K., D-Moe, Mac Dre Claim To Be A Mack 04:05
3 M.A.K. Krazy World 04:13
4 M.A.K., Agerman Bringin’ The Phonke 03:51
5 M.A.K., Greedy, J-Dubb, Silky-D, Dre-D Wide Open 04:35
6 M.A.K., Stan B The Fedz 04:53
7 M.A.K. Reality 04:19
8 M.A.K., Stan B Gangsta (That’s My Name) 04:20
9 M.A.K. Dirty Dance (Skit) 00:43
10 M.A.K., J-Dubb Ride Slide, Whip And Dip 04:54
11 M.A.K., Levitti I Like The Girls 04:17
12 M.A.K., Disco-G, Greedy Just A Bitch (B-I-T-C-H) 04:29
13 M.A.K. Ready To Die 05:23
14 M.A.K., Dubb Sak, Greedy Who U Hangin’ Wit 04:00
15 M.A.K. Marijuana Luv 05:01
16 M.A.K. California (That West Coast) 05:19
17 M.A.K., Greedy, Dre-D Situation #9 04:17

Album info

“Make A Killin” is an intriguing and invigorating hip-hop album by M.A.K., released in 2000 under the California Entertainment label. Imbued with the Gangsta style, the album encapsulates the spirit of the west coast hip-hop scene of the early 2000s, while showcasing M.A.K.’s unique voice and lyrical prowess.

The album opens with an “Intro” produced by Hollis and backed by Disco-G’s vocals, which sets the tone for the entire journey. It then moves into “Claim To Be A Mack,” featuring D-Moe and Mac Dre, which sees M.A.K. asserting his confident persona. “Krazy World,” with a guitar accompaniment by Lee Richards and background vocals by Precious, adds a different flavor to the mix.

“Bringin’ The Phonke,” featuring Agerman and produced by Lokei, is a lively track that keeps the energy high. This is followed by “Wide Open,” a collaborative effort featuring Greedy, J-Dubb, Silky-D, and Dre-D, with a guitar piece by Charles and produced by Mr. Nevarro and N8-GR8.

“The Fedz,” featuring Stan B and produced by Chris Jackson, introduces a storytelling element, while “Reality,” also produced by Lokei, provides a moment of introspection. “Gangsta (That’s My Name)” sees the return of Stan B, while the “Dirty Dance (Skit)” offers a lighter interlude produced by M.A.K. himself.

The second half of the album offers more collaborations, including “Ride Slide, Whip And Dip” featuring J-Dubb, “I Like The Girls” featuring Levitti with guitar by K-Lou, and “Just A Bitch (B-I-T-C-H)” featuring Disco-G and Greedy. Each track adds its unique character to the album’s overall narrative.

“Ready To Die” is a hard-hitting track that showcases M.A.K.’s lyrical skills, while “Who U Hangin’ Wit” featuring Dubb Sak and Greedy keeps the energy high. “Marijuana Luv,” produced by Chop Shop and Chris Jackson, offers a laid-back vibe, leading into “California (That West Coast)” with background vocals by Disco-G and Michelle. The album concludes with “Situation #9,” featuring Greedy and Dre-D, wrapping up the musical journey with a strong finish.

Throughout the album, M.A.K. manages to balance a mix of solo tracks and collaborations, maintaining a cohesive sound while allowing each guest artist to shine. The production work from several producers like Hollis, Lokei, Chris Jackson, and M.A.K. himself, adds to the album’s diverse sound, keeping listeners engaged from start to finish.

In summary, “Make A Killin” is a strong representation of M.A.K.’s abilities as a rapper and his understanding of the Gangsta style of hip-hop. The album offers a vibrant mix of individual and collaborative tracks, all while showcasing M.A.K.’s lyrical talents and unique voice. For fans of early 2000s west coast hip-hop, this album is a must-listen.

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