Luni Coleone & Cool Nutz - Every Single Day

Luni Coleone & Cool Nutz – Every Single Day

Download music album Every Single Day by Luni Coleone & Cool Nutz, released on June 5, 2007. ℗ Always Hustlin’ Records / Jus Family Records

Luni Coleone & Cool Nutz - Every Single Day

1 Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz, Von Op Every Single Day 05:34
2 Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz Go 04:18
3 Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz, Rocafella Chippers 03:52
4 Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz What It Do? 04:07
5 Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz, Key Loom, Rocafella Skirt 04:03
6 Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz There Go! 04:07
7 Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz, Bosko That Doe 04:28
8 Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz Like A Boss 03:47
9 Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz, E-Dawg, Key Loom, Rocafella Go Dumb (Luni Coleone Solo) 04:21
10 Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz, Maniac Lok Ignant (Cool Nutz Solo) 03:42
11 Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz Cop A Room 03:59
12 Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz, J. Townsend Come Get It 03:40
13 Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz, Mr. D.O.G. Y’all Don’t Know 03:56
14 Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz, Maniac Lok What 04:42
15 Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz Luv For Slugs 03:55

Album info

“Every Single Day” is a collaborative album by Luni Coleone and Cool Nutz, released under the labels Always Hustlin’ Records and Jus Family Records on June 5, 2007. This album emphasizes the Thug Rap, Gangsta, and Hyphy styles of Hip Hop, showing the unique blend of two different artists coming together to create a unified sound.

The album comprises 15 tracks, each delivering a distinct style and showcasing the versatility of Luni Coleone and Cool Nutz. As the main producers, Kuddie Mac and Super Producer Bosko shape the album’s sonic landscape, contributing to most of the tracks. Their production enhances the verses delivered by Luni Coleone and Cool Nutz, creating a cohesive body of work that maintains its energetic momentum from start to finish.

The album’s title track, “Every Single Day,” sets the tone for the album with Von Op lending his talents, creating an impactful opening. The following tracks, including “Go” and “Chippers,” keep up the energy, with Rocafella featuring on “Chippers” and also contributing as a producer on the track “Skirt.”

“Bosko” and “That Doe” introduce a different vibe to the album, with Bosko’s production skills and additional writing by B. Kante adding a unique twist. Bosko’s influence is felt again as the album’s tracks are mixed and mastered by him, ensuring a high-quality sound throughout.

Tracks such as “Go Dumb” and “Ignant” showcase solo performances by Luni Coleone and Cool Nutz respectively, offering listeners an opportunity to appreciate each artist’s individual style. E-Dawg, Key Loom, and Rocafella feature on “Go Dumb,” while Maniac Lok joins Cool Nutz on “Ignant.”

Towards the end of the album, “Cop A Room” and “Come Get It” continue the dynamic, with J. Townsend both featuring and contributing as a writer on “Come Get It.” The album closes with “Luv For Slugs,” a track that leaves a lasting impression and concludes the album on a strong note.

The album’s production is further enhanced by the engineering skills of Mike Daniels, who also recorded the tracks. The photography for the album is handled by, adding visual appeal to the project. The executive production by Cool Nutz, Shane Judge, and Tyson Jones ensures a cohesive vision for the album, creating a strong, unified body of work.

In “Every Single Day,” Luni Coleone and Cool Nutz have created an album that not only showcases their individual talents but also their ability to collaborate effectively. With its strong production, engaging features, and energetic performances, “Every Single Day” is a compelling addition to the Thug Rap, Gangsta, and Hyphy genres of Hip Hop.

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