LIQ - The Liquor Sto

LIQ – The Liquor Sto

Download music album The Liquor Sto by LIQ, released in 2008. ℗ M1 Entertainment / Liquor Sto Entertainment

LIQ - The Liquor Sto

1 LIQ Liquor Sto 02:52
2 LIQ, I.P. No Play 03:17
3 LIQ, Heart Of The Streets Hands On Me 05:02
4 LIQ Waiting 03:25
5 LIQ, Dezit Eaze, Do It Movin Bounce Out 03:54
6 LIQ, Dubb-20, Rydah J. Klyde Just Stole 3rd 03:19
7 LIQ, A-Still, Mark Knox I Might 02:36
8 LIQ, Lil Retro Car Wash 02:59
9 LIQ, LC Your Face 02:36
10 LIQ, Dubb-20 California 02:54
11 LIQ, I.P. One Day 03:38
12 LIQ, Qujuan, Tamhr Rowe I Wanna Know 03:01
13 LIQ, Young Meek Smoke My Good 03:23
14 LIQ, Bandit, J-Stalin One More Time 03:55
15 LIQ, Young Meek Jewelry 2 Jury 02:52
16 LIQ, Thai 2 Much 03:43
17 LIQ, Bad Biz, Bandit Fast Food 03:39
18 LIQ, Dubb-20, Matt Blaque Project Hallways 03:56
19 LIQ, Floss, Play J Like Me 03:44
20 LIQ Don’t Stop It 04:10
21 LIQ My Life (Do It Again) 03:03

Album info

Released in 2008 under the labels M1 Entertainment and Liquor Sto Entertainment, “The Liquor Sto” by LIQ presents a gripping sonic tableau that delves deep into the world of Gangsta rap. The album is a full-bodied effort, containing 21 tracks that explore different facets of life on the streets, personal struggles, and the raw energy of the genre.

The opening track, “Liquor Sto,” sets the stage for what’s to come, clocking in at 2:52 minutes of pure rap articulation. This initial offering is followed by “No Play,” a 3:17-minute track featuring I.P., that continues to build on the atmosphere generated by the first cut. “Hands On Me,” one of the album’s more lengthy offerings at 5:02 minutes, adds another layer to the project with its feature from Heart of the Streets.

The production across the album is multi-layered and offers a nuanced background for LIQ’s lyrics. While Q Made The Beat produces multiple tracks like “Waiting,” “Just Stole 3rd,” and “My Life (Do It Again),” other producers like A-Still and Mark Knox contribute to the sonic palette on tracks like “I Might.”

A standout feature of the album is its collaborative spirit. LIQ works with an array of artists across multiple tracks, creating a rich and diverse sound. Songs like “Bounce Out,” featuring Dezit Eaze and Do It Movin, and “Just Stole 3rd,” featuring Dubb-20 and Rydah J. Klyde, highlight LIQ’s ability to blend seamlessly with other voices in the genre. The addition of producers and artists like Young Meek, Bandit, and J-Stalin lends the album a multidimensional appeal.

“Project Hallways,” co-produced by HK and featuring Dubb-20 and Matt Blaque, offers a more introspective take among the primarily energetic tracklist. The album closes with “Don’t Stop It” and “My Life (Do It Again),” two tracks that encapsulate the project’s essence and leave the listener contemplating the realities LIQ portrays.

Overall, “The Liquor Sto” is a significant addition to the Gangsta rap oeuvre, showcasing LIQ’s ability to marry storytelling with diverse production, all while keeping the spirit of the genre front and center.