Lil Pigg Penn - The Hogg In Me

Lil Pigg Penn – The Hogg In Me

February 11, 1997

Download music album The Hogg In Me by Lil Pigg Penn, released on February 11, 1997. ℗ Funk Central Records

Lil Pigg Penn - The Hogg In Me

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1 Lil Pigg Penn I.N.D.O..O 03:50
2 Lil Pigg Penn, Ant Dogg, Bookendo, Macerv Chop Shop 03:59
3 Lil Pigg Penn, Ant Dogg, Bookendo, Macerv Pimp To Ho’s 05:14
4 Lil Pigg Penn Pimps Shit 04:24
5 Lil Pigg Penn, Dubb Sak Uncut 04:23
6 Lil Pigg Penn She’s Just A Ho 03:24
7 Lil Pigg Penn Bite This Dick 05:04
8 Lil Pigg Penn, Ant Dogg Drop The Top 04:17
9 Lil Pigg Penn, Bookendo, Macerv South Side 05:26
10 Lil Pigg Penn, Dae Dae, Pee Wee Loc Hollows In The Clip 04:09
11 Lil Pigg Penn, Dubb Sak Lights Out Party Over 05:33

Album review

In 1997, Funk Central Records released a classic gangsta rap album from the southside of Sacramento, California, by Lil Pigg Penn titled “The Hogg In Me.” The album, which clocks in at 53 minutes, is a raw and unapologetic representation of the artist’s gritty street life experiences. With its explicit lyrics and edgy production, “The Hogg In Me” quickly became a cult favorite among hardcore hip-hop fans.

“The Hogg In Me” comprises 11 tracks, each delivering a unique blend of gangsta rap that showcases Lil Pigg Penn’s storytelling abilities and lyrical prowess. The album kicks off with “I.N.D.O..O,” a menacing track with a haunting piano melody that sets the tone for the rest of the project. Lokei handled the production on nine of the album’s tracks, while K.G. produced “Uncut.”

Throughout the album, Lil Pigg Penn enlists several guest artists to further elevate the project’s authenticity and intensity. Ant Dogg, Bookendo, and Macerv lend their vocals to three tracks: “Chop Shop,” “Pimp To Ho’s,” and “South Side.” Dubb Sak is featured on two tracks, “Uncut” and “Lights Out Party Over,” with the latter also featuring backing vocals from Jerry Wong.

“She’s Just A Ho,” the album’s sixth track, is a catchy, albeit explicit, song that tackles the subject of unfaithful women in a brazen and unfiltered manner. On “Bite This Dick,” Lil Pigg Penn and Dubb Sak team up to deliver a track that oozes with bravado and raunchy lyrics. “Drop The Top” sees Ant Dogg joining Lil Pigg Penn for an anthem celebrating the joys of cruising in a convertible.

“Hollows In The Clip” is a hard-hitting collaboration with Dae Dae and Pee Wee Loc that focuses on the harsh realities of street life and the necessity of staying armed. The album concludes with “Lights Out Party Over,” an ominous track that serves as a reminder of the potential consequences of the lifestyle Lil Pigg Penn and his associates depict throughout the album.

“The Hogg In Me” was recorded at Crystal Clear Studio and RB’s, with the final mastering done at Rocket Lab. The album has since become a staple of the gangsta rap genre, with its gritty lyrics, street-wise storytelling, and solid production capturing the essence of the late 90s hip-hop scene.

Lil Pigg Penn, whose real name is Mark Jenkins, has remained a well-respected figure in the underground hip-hop community. His music continues to resonate with fans who appreciate the raw and unfiltered nature of his lyrics and storytelling. With “The Hogg In Me,” Lil Pigg Penn established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of gangsta rap, and the album remains a testament to the talent and authenticity that he brought to the genre.

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