Kambino - Block Money

Kambino – Block Money

January 1, 2008

Download music album Block Money by Kambino, released in 2008. ℗ Not On Label

Kambino - Block Money

1 Kambino Get Cha Chippers 04:15
2 Kambino, K-Dub One Hitta Quitt´s 03:25
3 Kambino Burry Ya 03:34
4 Kambino, Banty aka B Dat Da Most What Cha Talkun 03:51
5 Kambino, Southern Gravel Diggin You 05:24
6 Kambino, T-O All In The Doe 03:52
7 Kambino The Game 03:29
8 Kambino Came To Party 03:58
9 Kambino, Lil B Stone Trill In The Field 04:38
10 Kambino Stars But No Actors 04:24
11 Kambino I Aint Just No Rapper 03:49
12 Kambino, Lil G Earn, Baby G Earn Huttah Huttah 03:45
13 Kambino Check It 03:43
14 Kambino Yours & Mine 04:08
15 Kambino, Banty aka B Dat Da Most Struggle 03:14
16 Kambino, Southern Gravel Look Into My Eyes 04:07

Album info

“Block Money” is an album by rapper Kambino, released independently in 2008. The album showcases Kambino’s skills as a hip-hop artist, deeply rooted in the genre’s classic elements of storytelling, street wisdom, and a raw depiction of urban life. The CD format of the album, a nod to the traditional means of music distribution in the hip-hop community, reflects Kambino’s commitment to authenticity and connection with his core audience.

The album comprises 16 tracks, each offering a glimpse into Kambino’s lyrical prowess and his ability to navigate various themes and styles. Tracks like “Get Cha Chippers” and “The Game” likely delve into the hustles and struggles of street life, a common theme in hip-hop, emphasizing the pursuit of success against the odds.

Collaborations with other artists, including K-Dub, Banty aka B Dat Da Most, Southern Gravel, T-O, and Lil B Stone, among others, indicate a diverse range of influences and styles, adding depth and variety to the album. These collaborations might also highlight Kambino’s connections and respect in the hip-hop community, especially within the San Diego rap scene.

Songs such as “Diggin You” and “Yours & Mine” could offer a softer, more introspective side of Kambino, potentially exploring themes of love and personal relationships. Conversely, tracks like “One Hitta Quitt’s” and “Burry Ya” might exhibit a harder, more aggressive style, characteristic of gangsta rap.

“Stars But No Actors” and “I Ain’t Just No Rapper” likely emphasize Kambino’s authenticity and dedication to his craft, asserting his identity as a genuine artist in the hip-hop scene, not just a performer seeking fame.

The track “Struggle,” featuring Banty aka B Dat Da Most, along with other similar tracks, could provide a poignant look at the challenges faced in the inner city, resonating with listeners who have experienced similar hardships.

Overall, “Block Money” seems to be a solid representation of Kambino’s artistry, offering a mix of hard-hitting street anthems, reflective tracks, and club-ready beats, all while staying true to the heart of hip-hop culture.