Hollow Tip Presents The Mercenaries - War On The Streets

Hollow Tip Presents The Mercenaries – War On The Streets

November 18, 2003

Download music album War On The Streets by Hollow Tip Presents The Mercenaries, released on November 18, 2003. ℗ Mercenary Entertainment

Hollow Tip Presents The Mercenaries - War On The Streets

1 The Mercenaries Intro 00:21
2 The Mercenaries Merc Wit Me 05:27
3 The Mercenaries, C-Bo Keep It Gangsta, Pt. 2 04:31
4 The Mercenaries All On A Bitch 05:50
5 The Mercenaries If U Don’t Know 04:02
6 The Mercenaries Get Tha Money 05:05
7 The Mercenaries Ugly 04:09
8 The Mercenaries Under Seige 05:51
9 The Mercenaries Letz Ride 04:01
10 The Mercenaries How Do U Want It 04:31
11 The Mercenaries We Dont Luv Um 04:09
12 The Mercenaries, I-Rocc What? 03:48
13 The Mercenaries All 4 One 04:06
14 The Mercenaries, Baby Bubb, Keda Rocc, Playa Mac, Young Will What Iz It 05:45

Album info

Unleashed on November 18, 2003, under Hollow Tip’s label Mercenary Entertainment, “War On The Streets” is an album that cuts through the fluff and gets straight to the raw nerve of thug rap. The project serves as a narrative of the grim realities of street life, drawing its authenticity from Hollow Tip’s own experiences growing up in North Highlands, California. The album was produced by a stellar lineup of beat-makers, including Ace Mak, Bubb, H-Wood, and Kreep, who collectively infused the record with an indomitable spirit and gritty sonic landscape.

The album opens with a brief but atmospheric “Intro,” setting the stage for a roller coaster ride of audacious beats and hard-hitting lyrics. The track “Merc Wit Me” with its 5-minute-plus runtime, immerses listeners into the world of Mercenary Entertainment, echoing the label’s no-nonsense philosophy. On “Keep It Gangsta, Pt. 2,” C-Bo makes an appearance, adding another layer of intensity to an already charged album.

Tracks like “All On A Bitch” and “Get Tha Money” delve into the ambitions and struggles that come with the pursuit of money and status, while “Under Siege” brings the harsh existential realities of life on the streets into sharp focus. In “What?” the album features I-Rocc, whose verse adds an extra punch to the project. The project also includes a posse cut “What Iz It,” featuring a host of rappers like Baby Bubb, Keda Rocc, Playa Mac, and Young Will, further enriching the lyrical tapestry of the album.

The Mercenaries, consisting of local Sacramento area rappers like Hollow Tip, J-Mack, Mic-C, RC Loc, Sianide, and Young Sav, display an impressive synergy throughout the project. Every artist brings their unique style and flow, adding texture and depth to the overarching narrative.

“War On The Streets” is not just another rap album; it’s a sociocultural commentary veiled in beats and bars. It appeals not just to the aficionados of the thug rap sub-genre but also to anyone keen to understand the harsh realities that shape such music. With this project, Hollow Tip and The Mercenaries offered a vivid snapshot of life in the underbelly of society, and nearly two decades later, the album still holds its relevance and edge.

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