DJ Fresh Presents… Smigg Dirtee - The Tonite Show With Smigg Dirtee

DJ Fresh Presents… Smigg Dirtee – The Tonite Show With Smigg Dirtee

Download music album The Tonite Show With Smigg Dirtee by DJ Fresh Presents… Smigg Dirtee, released in 2006. ℗ Fresh In The Flesh Music / Metal Mouth Records

DJ Fresh Presents… Smigg Dirtee - The Tonite Show With Smigg Dirtee

1 Smigg Dirtee The Tonite Show! 01:20
2 Smigg Dirtee, Young Dave Regular Day 03:22
3 Smigg Dirtee, Tower, Ya Boy A Gust Of Wind 03:40
4 Smigg Dirtee Come 2 Me 03:19
5 Smigg Dirtee, Tower I Left The City 03:45
6 Smigg Dirtee We Live! 02:51
7 Smigg Dirtee, Mistah F.A.B. Control 03:29
8 Smigg Dirtee, CG Nuthin 2 Me 03:39
9 Smigg Dirtee Cool Shit 03:11
10 Smigg Dirtee, Jade Foxx, Stik Gilatine To The Top 03:24
11 Smigg Dirtee, Kaze, Nump You Heard About 04:09
12 Smigg Dirtee Shout Outs 03:56
13 Smigg Dirtee Bonus Track 02:49
14 Smigg Dirtee, Mistah F.A.B. Bonus Track 04:37

Album info

Released in 2006, “The Tonite Show With Smigg Dirtee,” a collaboration between DJ Fresh (Marqus Brown) and Smigg Dirtee (Silas Pollard), stands as a significant installment in the “The Tonite Show” series. Featuring an amalgamation of Gangsta and Hyphy rap, the album distills the essence of West Coast Hip Hop into 14 tracks, offering an authentic experience that transcends regional boundaries.

The 1:20 minute opener, “The Tonite Show!,” serves as a prelude to an album that explores the complexities of everyday life and aspirations. In “Regular Day,” featuring Young Dave, the duo tackles the monotony and hustle of the daily grind. “A Gust of Wind,” featuring Tower and Ya Boy, adds layers to the narrative by infusing an air of unpredictability, embodying the volatile landscape of urban living.

DJ Fresh’s producing skills are on full display throughout the album. Known for his work with numerous West Coast artists and as the brother of DJ Dummy and former DJ for Common Sense, DJ Fresh provides an aural foundation that allows Smigg Dirtee’s lyrics to shine. With Smigg hailing from San Diego, the synergy between the two artists creates a unique vibe, reflected in tracks like “We Live!” and “Cool Shit,” which capture the energy and audacity of the West Coast rap scene.

One of the standout tracks, “Control,” featuring Mistah F.A.B., exhibits the duo’s ability to craft infectious hooks while delivering meaningful messages. Smigg Dirtee’s versatile style seamlessly intertwines with the unique beat-making prowess of DJ Fresh, evident in tracks like “Nuthin 2 Me” and “To The Top,” which features Jade Foxx and Stik Gilatine.

Bonus tracks on the album add to its richness, offering fans a more expansive listening experience. The second bonus track features a second collaboration with Mistah F.A.B., solidifying the album’s standing as a West Coast classic.

Overall, “The Tonite Show With Smigg Dirtee” exemplifies the collaboration of two significant figures in the West Coast rap scene. It is a musical journey that taps into the collective consciousness of a culture, driven by DJ Fresh’s beats and Smigg Dirtee’s lyrical profundity.

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