Cee Wee 3 - Deep Heat

Cee Wee 3 – Deep Heat

January 1, 2004

Download music album Deep Heat by Cee Wee 3, released in 2004. ℗ Bomb Leery Entertainment

Cee Wee 3 - Deep Heat

1 Cee Wee 3 Intro 01:12
2 Cee Wee 3 Blocc Thuggin 04:10
3 Cee Wee 3 Down 04:52
4 Cee Wee 3 Wild West Side 04:27
5 Cee Wee 3 Exoited 04:32
6 Cee Wee 3 Bystander 05:01
7 Cee Wee 3 Coast Hatin 05:06
8 Cee Wee 3 No!!! 03:54
9 Cee Wee 3 Pows 05:12
10 Cee Wee 3 Deep Heat (Gun Clappin) 04:47
11 Cee Wee 3 Ur Desire 02:59
12 Cee Wee 3 Sewed Up 04:06
13 Cee Wee 3 Getcha Soul Ready 04:16
  14 Cee Wee 3 Outro  

Album info

“Cee Wee 3,” a notable figure in the West Coast hip-hop scene, released his album “Deep Heat” in 2004. This album, under the label Bomb Leery Entertainment, is a representation of the Gangsta and G-Funk genres, deeply rooted in the cultural and musical landscape of Southern California, particularly San Diego.

The album commences with an “Intro,” setting the stage for a journey into the gritty and raw narratives that Cee Wee 3 is known for. “Blocc Thuggin,” the following track, likely delves into the day-to-day realities of life on the streets, a common theme in gangsta rap.

“Down,” “Wild West Side,” and “Exoited” continue this exploration, with Cee Wee 3 potentially painting vivid pictures of the challenges and hustles of street life. These tracks may also touch on the loyalty and brotherhood that often accompany such a lifestyle.

“Bystander” and “Coast Hatin” could address the bystander perspective of the gangsta lifestyle and the regional rivalries within the hip-hop community, respectively. “No!!!” may represent a moment of defiance or confrontation, a staple in gangsta rap narratives.

“Pows” and the title track “Deep Heat (Gun Clappin)” might delve deeper into the more violent aspects of street life, with a focus on the sounds and fury of gang confrontations. “Ur Desire” could offer a more introspective or romantic angle, a contrast to the album’s predominant themes.

“Sewed Up” and “Getcha Soul Ready” are likely to continue the exploration of Cee Wee 3’s experiences and philosophies, possibly touching on themes of preparedness and resilience in the face of adversity.

The album wraps up with an “Outro,” likely bringing closure to the thematic journey while leaving a lasting impression of Cee Wee 3’s lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities.

Produced by Ecay Uno, a renowned name in the West Coast hip-hop production scene, “Deep Heat” is characterized by its authentic representation of gangsta life and its G-Funk influences, encapsulating the essence of San Diego’s street narrative. The album, being a professionally manufactured CD-R, reflects the independent spirit of the artist and the era’s music distribution trends.

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