C.C. - In Da Midst Of Dirt

C.C. – In Da Midst Of Dirt

January 1, 2004

Download music album In Da Midst Of Dirt by C.C., released in 2004. ℗ Spin Off Records

C.C. - In Da Midst Of Dirt

1 C.C. Bizzness 05:09
2 C.C. Crooked 04:37
3 C.C. In Da Midst Of Dirt 04:46
4 C.C. Who C 04:18
5 C.C. In Da Parking Lot 03:53
6 C.C., D. Stone Let’ Em Kno’ 04:21
7 C.C., D. Stone Tru 2 Life 03:59
8 C.C., C. Sicc War Cry 04:23
9 C.C., C. Sicc Remind Ya 03:42
10 C.C. And Even I… 04:05
11 C.C., Bay III Disturbed 04:39
12 C.C. Death Of Me 04:28
13 C.C. Major Papa 04:06
14 C.C. Put Hoez 04:15
15 C.C., C. Crazy Life Goez On 04:01
16 C.C., Chris Lang My Ghetto Psalms 04:47

Album info

“In Da Midst Of Dirt,” released by C.C. in 2004 under Spin Off Records, is an album that delves deep into the realms of Gangsta Rap and G-Funk. The 16-track collection presents a gritty, unapologetic exploration of street life, juxtaposed with the melodic elements characteristic of the G-Funk style.

The album opens with “Bizzness,” setting a tone of raw, street-wise lyricism. This is followed by “Crooked” and the title track “In Da Midst Of Dirt,” which likely delve into the chaotic and often dangerous environment of the streets, a recurring theme in C.C.’s narrative.

“Who C” and “In Da Parking Lot” could offer insights into C.C.’s personal identity and experiences, portraying vivid imagery of urban life. “Let’ Em Kno'” and “Tru 2 Life,” both featuring D. Stone, might emphasize authenticity and staying true to one’s roots and reality.

“War Cry” and “Remind Ya,” featuring C. Sicc, possibly add an aggressive, combative dimension to the album, reflecting the struggles and conflicts faced in the streets. “And Even I…” might present a more introspective angle, offering a glimpse into C.C.’s deeper thoughts and emotions.

“Disturbed,” featuring Bay III, and “Death Of Me” are likely to explore the inner turmoil and existential challenges faced by C.C., while “Major Papa” and “Put Hoez” might shift the focus back to the assertive and braggadocious aspects of gangsta rap.

“Life Goez On,” featuring C. Crazy, could be a reflective track acknowledging the relentless pace of life regardless of its hardships. The album closes with “My Ghetto Psalms,” featuring Chris Lang, possibly a lyrical ode to survival and resilience in the face of adversity.

Throughout “In Da Midst Of Dirt,” C.C. offers a raw and unfiltered portrayal of life on the streets, combining hard-hitting lyrics with smooth G-Funk beats. This album stands as a testament to C.C.’s ability to articulate the realities of a rugged lifestyle while maintaining musicality and rhythm.