Black Mikey - Smash Or Get Smashed On

Black Mikey – Smash Or Get Smashed On

January 1, 2010

Download music album Smash Or Get Smashed On by Black Mikey, released in 2010. ℗ Not On Label

Black Mikey - Smash Or Get Smashed On

1 Black Mikey Best Kept Secret 04:05
2 Black Mikey Brimlight Greenlight 02:31
3 Black Mikey Call The Police 02:48
4 Black Mikey The Sneak Attack 04:14
5 Black Mikey The State Of The Union 03:35
6 Black Mikey Stormy Shores 04:42
7 Black Mikey World So Cold 03:59
8 Black Mikey Suitcase Box 03:53
9 Black Mikey I Ain’t No Joke 04:04
10 Black Mikey Sugar Sweet 03:00
11 Black Mikey, Damu, Fox Bwoii Get This Money 03:57
12 Black Mikey Rap Game Dope Game 03:27
13 Black Mikey Get Next To You 03:47
14 Black Mikey Gangsta 03:09
15 Black Mikey Ruler Of The South East 03:16
16 Black Mikey Smash Or Get Smashed On 03:35

Album info

“Smash Or Get Smashed On” by Black Mikey is a profound entry into the world of hip hop, presenting a collection of tracks that showcase his deep roots in the genre. Although the release date and the label details are not specified, this album is a clear reflection of Black Mikey’s artistic growth and his firm grasp on the realities of street life, as portrayed through his music.

The album kicks off with “Best Kept Secret,” setting a formidable tone for the rest of the project. It’s followed by “Brimlight Greenlight” and “Call The Police,” which likely delve into the intense, often confrontational aspects of street dynamics.

“The Sneak Attack” and “The State Of The Union” might offer a more strategic and politically charged angle, suggesting a deeper commentary on social and community issues. “Stormy Shores” potentially brings a reflective and possibly turbulent aspect to the narrative, adding depth to the album’s storyline.

“World So Cold” could be an introspective track, touching on the harsh realities of life and the struggles that come with it. “Suitcase Box” and “I Ain’t No Joke” are likely to be hard-hitting, asserting Black Mikey’s position in the rap game and reinforcing his no-nonsense attitude.

“Sugar Sweet” might offer a contrast to the album’s predominantly tough exterior, possibly exploring themes of love or attraction. “Get This Money,” featuring Damu and Fox Bwoii, likely returns to the theme of hustle and the grind of making a living.

“Rap Game Dope Game” and “Get Next To You” could provide insights into Black Mikey’s experiences in the music industry and personal relationships, respectively. “Gangsta” and “Ruler Of The South East” probably reassert his authenticity and dominance in his craft and locality.

The album culminates with the title track “Smash Or Get Smashed On,” which could be a definitive statement of resilience and survival, encapsulating the core message of the album.

“Smash Or Get Smashed On” stands as a testament to Black Mikey’s gritty, unfiltered view of life, combining raw storytelling with a deep understanding of the street ethos. This album cements his place in the hip hop world, offering listeners a vivid picture of his life and times.