Big Jeff 187 - The Chosen One

Big Jeff 187 – The Chosen One

Download music album The Chosen One by Big Jeff 187, released in 2010. ℗ Corporate Policy Entertainment

Big Jeff 187 - The Chosen One

1 Big Jeff 187 Life In The I.E 04:50
2 Big Jeff 187, Bamboo Loco, Mrs.Queen How Bad Do You Want It 04:02
3 Big Jeff 187, Lazy Huero From The 909 To The 602 04:24
4 Big Jeff 187, Baby Blu, Tony Muthaphukkn G Im Feeling So Good Right Now 03:37
5 Big Jeff 187, Baby Blu You Can’t Ride Through My Hood 04:27
6 Big Jeff 187, Big Bala I.E. Bounce 05:04
7 Big Jeff 187, Baby Blu, Enslinctz, Lil Serio South Bound 04:39
8 Big Jeff 187, Baby Blu, Lil Serio Boom Boom Boom 05:00
9 Big Jeff 187, Baby Blu, Milk Chamberlain Oh Yeah! 04:40
10 Big Jeff 187, Bamboo Loco, Lazy Huero, Nickle Sack, Sly Boogy Hustlaz, Playaz, Westcoast G’s 04:14
11 Big Jeff 187, Baby Blu Paradize Muzik 04:39
12 Big Jeff 187, Bamboo Loco, Mrs.Queen We Gonna Hit’Em Hard 03:47
13 Big Jeff 187, Baby Blu, Scarfizzie Late Nite Shit 04:39
14 Big Jeff 187, Baby Blu, Big Bala, Cam Capone, Troublesome Homegrown Cali Boyz 07:26
15 Big Jeff 187, Baby Blu, Scarfizzie Step Up Remix 04:35
16 Big Jeff 187, Baby Blu, Boogie Cat, T-Genius Clocking Dollars 04:21
17 Big Jeff 187, Baby Blu, Big Bala, Kokane, Lil Homeboy, Lil Serio Corporate Policy 05:18

Album info

“Big Jeff 187” released “The Chosen One,” a robust and dynamic album, in 2010 under Corporate Policy Entertainment. This CD album embodies the essence of Gangsta and G-Funk styles of hip hop, vividly capturing the street narratives and rhythmic prowess of the genre.

The album opens with “Life In The I.E.,” setting a strong precedent for the rest of the tracks. It is followed by “How Bad Do You Want It,” featuring Bamboo Loco and Mrs. Queen, which delves into the theme of ambition and determination in the gritty streets.

“From The 909 To The 602,” featuring Lazy Huero, continues the geographical narrative, showcasing the diversity and connectivity of various locales within the hip hop community. “I’m Feeling So Good Right Now” is a more upbeat track, featuring Baby Blu and Tony Muthaphukkn G, presenting a lighter, more celebratory side of Big Jeff 187’s artistry.

“You Can’t Ride Through My Hood” and “I.E. Bounce,” featuring Baby Blu and Big Bala respectively, are quintessential gangsta rap tracks, emphasizing territorial pride and street credibility. “South Bound” is a collaborative effort with Baby Blu, Enslinctz, and Lil Serio, painting a vivid picture of the Southern California lifestyle.

“Boom Boom Boom” and “Oh Yeah!” maintain the album’s energetic momentum, with contributions from Baby Blu, Lil Serio, and Milk Chamberlain. “Hustlaz, Playaz, Westcoast G’s” is a standout track with an ensemble featuring Bamboo Loco, Lazy Huero, Nickle Sack, and Sly Boogy, bringing together a diverse array of voices to celebrate West Coast hip hop culture.

“Paradize Muzik” and “We Gonna Hit’Em Hard,” both featuring Baby Blu and Bamboo Loco, offer a blend of smooth flows and hard-hitting lyrics. “Late Night Shit” and “Homegrown Cali Boyz” continue to showcase Big Jeff 187’s versatility, with contributions from artists like Scarfizzie, Big Bala, Cam Capone, and Troublesome.

The album wraps up with “Step Up Remix” and “Clocking Dollars,” both featuring Baby Blu, Scarfizzie, Boogie Cat, and T-Genius, delivering a strong finish to a solid album. “Corporate Policy,” the final track, stands as a thematic culmination of the album, with an impressive lineup including Kokane, Lil Homeboy, and Lil Serio.

The graphics for “The Chosen One” were crafted by J2Grafix, and the majority of the tracks were produced by Baby Blu, ensuring a consistent sound throughout. This album not only reflects Big Jeff 187’s deep connection to his roots but also his ability to create music that resonates with the broader hip hop community.

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