Aztec Tribe - Straight From Tha Zone

Aztec Tribe – Straight From Tha Zone

January 1, 1996

Download music album Straight From Tha Zone by Aztec Tribe, released in 1996. ℗ Barrio Boy Records

Aztec Tribe - Straight From Tha Zone

1 Aztec Tribe Tribal Ceremony 02:18
2 Aztec Tribe Commin’ In Stalkin’ 04:11
3 Aztec Tribe Everybody Bounce 04:33
4 Aztec Tribe Something For The Homies 04:46
5 Aztec Tribe Madman Interlude 03:12
6 Aztec Tribe Step Into The Hood 04:21
7 Aztec Tribe Straight From Tha Zone 05:58
8 Aztec Tribe Rollin’ In My Ride 05:28
9 Aztec Tribe Do You Wanna Funk 04:10
10 Aztec Tribe T.R.I.B.E. (It’s A Tribe Thang) 02:44
11 Aztec Tribe Caught Slippin’ (G Funk Remix) 04:01
12 Aztec Tribe Outro (Tribal Shouts) 01:52

Album info

“Aztec Tribe – Straight From Tha Zone,” released in 1996 under Barrio Boy Records, is a notable entry in the hip hop genre, particularly emanating from the vibrant cultural milieu of San Diego, California. The album, infused with a distinctive style and community-centric themes, showcases the group’s commitment to representing their roots and experiences.

The album kicks off with “Tribal Ceremony,” a 2:20-minute introduction that sets the stage for a journey through the sounds and stories of Aztec Tribe. This is followed by “Commin’ In Stalkin’,” a 4:08 track that combines gritty lyrics with a compelling beat, establishing the group’s strong presence.

“Everybody Bounce” and “Something For The Homies” continue the album’s momentum, blending catchy hooks with narratives that reflect the everyday realities and aspirations of their community. The “Madman Interlude,” at 3:13, offers a break from the rhythmic assault, adding a layer of introspection to the album.

“Step Into The Hood” and the title track “Straight From Tha Zone” delve deeper into the group’s experiences and connections to their neighborhood, with “Straight From Tha Zone” being a standout 6-minute anthem of identity and pride.

“Rollin’ In My Ride” and “Do You Wanna Funk” provide a smoother, more melodic counterpoint to the earlier tracks, showcasing Aztec Tribe’s versatility and their ability to craft tracks that appeal to a broader audience.

“T.R.I.B.E. (It’s A Tribe Thang)” and “Caught Slippin’ (G Funk Remix)” further exhibit the group’s skill in creating infectious grooves, while the closing track “Outro (Tribal Shouts)” wraps up the album with a homage to their roots and community.

Produced at Diego Town Production Company, “Straight From Tha Zone” is not just an album; it’s a sonic embodiment of Aztec Tribe’s cultural and communal ethos. It stands as a testament to their artistic vision and an important contribution to the hip hop scene in San Diego.